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Ariana Grande reveals video game that influenced the lyrics of "Six Thirty"

Ariana Grande reveals video game that influenced the lyrics of “Six Thirty”

Twitch superstar Tyler’Ninja’Blevins claims to stop playing Fortnite after the press reports that it will.

Prior to Fortnite, Ninja was a well-known gamer who became a pro at Halo 3 in 2009. However, his popularity exploded with the release of Epic Games’ battle royale, making him one of Twitch’s most popular streamers.

As a result, ninja success is often directly related to Fortnite, and the two are synonymous with each other.

However, on February 12, Blevins used Twitter to blame a report claiming to have quit the game that made him famous.

According to the Ninja, the report was “totally wrong,” he added, “I love Fortnite,” and “always do some abilities.”

Blevins disputed the claim and seemed willing to return to Fortnite, but said in a February broadcast that he would not play the game again.

After dealing with the constant stream snipers that ruined his game, as Dexelt previously reported, he was furious and vowed not to play the game anymore.

“You haven’t proved anything by joining the game and running to someone, and when you know, they’re fighting someone and killing them,” he said in his match.

“This game is very ridiculous, companion,” Blevins sighed. “Community, like these little kids, it’s so ridiculous. It’s really. It’s not funny. It’s not. And the problem is the losers chasing these whimsical influences, they have no idea. That’s what they’re doing, they just hurt the game because I’m not going to play it. I’m not going to stream it. “

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The ninja seems to have mispoken at the moment of frustration by dealing with the stream sniper that plagues the game. I don’t know when he will return to Fortnite yet, but it’s good to know that he hasn’t given up on Battle Royale altogether.

Hopefully you’ll see the ninja return to the fight sooner rather than later.