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Nem létező macskákról készít képeket a mesterséges intelligencia

Artificial intelligence creates photos of cats that do not exist in reality but are alarmingly real

We wrote two years ago This person does not exist from a website that creates photos of people that are terrifyingly realistic but don’t really exist at the touch of a button; see our related article. Now the gap – sequel filling, the This cat does not exist it’s also a website called Kitty, which does the same thing, with pictures of kittens instead of just human faces, he writes The Verge.

At the bottom of the page that generates human faces is a neural network that tries to produce similar images based on photos of real people fed by developers.

These kittens are still real (Photo: Getty Images)

They tested a cat version of it last year, but interestingly, despite millions of photos of kittens freely available on the internet, they failed to create realistic looking cats. Most of them seem as embarrassing as the ones in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical classic two years ago. Cats-movie, in which startling humans were produced from live actors using computer hybrids.

Now, however, the neural network algorithm has been modified a bit, so it can generate images of cats similar to the real hoax. At first glance, it is almost impossible to tell that we are not looking at real animals, but only graphics. Kittens’ eyes may be revealing in some places, because the light shines a little strangely on them, and a closer look at the edges of their fur can reveal that in some places hairs that are otherwise usually removed they are easily a little blurry.

Non-existent cats are generated by the neural network

These cats, on the other hand, are only born from the “imagination” of the neural network (Photo: This cat does not exist)

However, we pay tribute to the talent of programming, and although it has not yet been revealed what the This cat does not exist website, of course, in addition to producing many cute kitty images for our own pleasure.

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