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Artificial intelligence in taxation: new "smart" applications are coming

Artificial intelligence in taxation: new “smart” applications are coming

In preparation for the new generation of applications Independent Public Revenue Authority Commander G. Pitsilis mentioned yesterday, opening the minutes of the I Day of Transformation of the Digital Company.

He announced the use of Artificial Intelligence and highlighted the Authority’s contribution to the digital transformation of Greek companies through a number of new applications and the platform. my data, which is in full operational readiness.

It will be based on structures and “tools” Artificial intelligence, so that it is possible to treat companies and taxpayers individually based on their specific characteristics and not with “horizontal” practices, as was done in the past, as transmitted by AMPE.

AADE: We highlight the principles of Tax Justice

“The new generation of AADE applications will allow us to bring the company and the citizen to the center of a much fairer tax policy, which will distribute tax burdens according to everyone’s capabilities. This is how we highlight the principles of Tax Justice in the context of a new policy aligned and convergent with the principles of European Policy ”.

AADE Commander G. Pitsilis referred to the use of the pandemic restrictions on the movements of citizens to accelerate the digitization of the Independent Authority’s services Emphasizing that “the digitization of our services began before the outbreak of the crisis and provided us with a solid digital infrastructure to expand, enrich and increase the amount of our digital services in less than a year.”

AADE, in addition to the myData platform, according to the reports of Mr. Pitsilis in the context of the I Conference of Transformation of the Digital Company, is ready to present new digital applications in its fields. Property registration, in the documents used by taxpayers, in the applications, in the interoperability with the cloud of the General Secretariat of Public Administration Information Systems, whose collaboration was praised by the Governor of AADE.

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The digital work of the I Conference on the Transformation of the Digital Company is completed today with the participation of the Deputy Minister Mr. Georgios Stylios, the General Secretaries Mr. Demosthenes Anagnostopoulos, Athanasios Staveris Polykalas, Fotis Kourmousis and senior executives of Administration and Public Administration.