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Attic, how to use it best

Attic, how to use it best

To make the most of the attic, the most immediate solution is to use it as a living room. Once you have taken the measurements of the room, surely the first thing you should do is furnish it, depending on what its intended use will be.

The spaces in the attic

Wall cabinets can be the best way to take advantage of all the space, not just the floor.

Many people decide to use the attic as a bedroom: in fact there is nothing more romantic or, again, you can make this the children’s playroom, where you can store everything you have fun in the afternoon.

Another way to use the attic is to create a dressing room here, with many cabinets and compartments for your accessories or make this the guest room, furnishing it with everything you need: bed, wardrobe, desk, etc.

Finally, for those who work at work smart or are used to having an office, the attic can become the ideal room to work comfortably directly from home.

Once you understand the intended use of the room, you can focus on other aspects – lighting, for example.

It will not be necessary to spend a lot of time and money on it precisely because here usually the windows are already made from which natural light is filtered.

Therefore, a central chandelier or one or two floor lamps will suffice.

The colors to adopt

Another trick is to paint everything with light colors, for example white, and opt for this color also for the furniture.

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This way, the room will look bigger and brighter.

Finally, one of the cons of penthouses is the climatic aspect: it can be cold in winter and hot in summer; the solution is to thermally insulate the roof with a natural insulation of organic origin such as wood fiber, cellulose fiber or cork.

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