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Aurora Store is renewed with the latest update: all the news

Google play is the principal Store from where to download applications and games for an Android smartphone or tablet, but it is not the only one. There are numerous Store from third parties that, while they may not be as reliable and secure as Google’s, they are still quite popular. Aurora Store it’s just one of them.

Aurora Store has a classic and easy-to-use interface, showing the apps and games highlighted on the main page. All applications are grouped into categories and can be updated automatically, while the titles installed on the device appear in a special tab with the corresponding version number. In these last hours Aurora Store has received an update one that developers have been working on for quite some time and that features, among other things, a revamped user interface, new themes, and easier app discovery.

All the news in version 4.0.2 of Aurora Store

The new user interface of Aurora Store seems to be very similar to Google Play. The old “Home”, “Updates” and “Categories” tabs have been replaced of the new “Applications”, “Games” and “Updates” sections, to simplify the search and discovery of new applications to download on the smartphone. At the same time, the search bar that was once at the top has been replaced by a more practical search button and has been moved to the lower right corner of the screen.

It is also possible customize the Aurora Store interface by applying a theme (In this regard, the update introduced a new set of dark themes, including “Pitch Black,” “Dark-X,” and “Disskord”) that can be further customized by setting a highlight color. After the update, the app now also allows you to choose from four different installers, including a root, session, and native installer.

the Change Log complete includes:

  • New GPlay API
  • New improved user interface
  • Best app installers
  • Theme engine
  • Bug fixes and improvements

Aurora Store is compatible with any Android 5 smartphone or tablet or later and is often used by users who have a device on which Google Play services are not installed, providing access to all the applications and games available here. Those in possession of the Aurora Store will see a notification appear in the next few hours about the availability of the new version of the app (which is version 4.0.2 to be exact). On the other hand, those who want to download this store on their smartphone can do so from the following link.

Download Aurora Store from GitLab