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Automated driving: Mercedes begins selling "Drive Pilot"

Automated driving: Mercedes begins selling “Drive Pilot”

TV or phone while driving? So far, that seems impossible, at least for the driver. Mercedes could now revolutionize driving.

Mercedes is the first manufacturer in Germany to start selling a system for highly automated driving that can take full control of slow-moving traffic on the Autobahn. For the S-Class it costs 5,000 euros plus VAT, as announced by the group on Friday.

With the EQS electric model, a good 7,400 euros must be paid before VAT because a driver assistance package must be booked. While orders will start on May 17, according to Mercedes, the first vehicles with the system should be delivered in the summer.

Until now, people have remained in charge of the car.

Until now, driver assistance systems have been used in cars, which can relieve the driver of various tasks, such as staying in the lane or keeping a safe distance. However, people are still responsible and should keep their hands on the wheel. This applies, for example, to Tesla’s Autopilot assistance system.

Mercedes was the first car manufacturer in Germany to receive approval for the operation of a system that allows the driver to relinquish control in certain situations and to watch television, for example. However, you must be ready to take control again at any time.

“Drive Pilot” only works in certain situations

The use of the system called “Drive Pilot” is limited to very specific situations due to legal requirements. This only works on highways, at speeds of up to 60 kilometers per hour and as long as the distance to the vehicle in front is not too great.