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Automatically change wallpaper in Android 12 crashes games

Automatically change wallpaper in Android 12 crashes games

Android 12 has finally arrived, and with it a series of very interesting graphical innovations: the most avid gamers, however, will undoubtedly notice a really annoying bug, for which unfortunately there is still no solution.

Through Google Issue Tracker, a portal where users can report bugs or problems with the operating system, many people they declared that some games crash when the wallpaper is changed during the game session (mention is made of League of Legends: Wild Rift me Pokemon go, but actually the problem could be in many more titles).

Since hardly anyone changes the background while the game is running, the problem is who uses apps that automatically change the wallpaper. The problem, however, is potentially more “serious” than expected: it stems from a new way of managing i “configuration changes”, or changes such as dark mode activation or indeed set a new wallpaper, by the operating system.

Games usually completely ignore these changes, so developers don’t have to manage everything programmatically, but unfortunately with Android 12 background change cannot be completely ignored and therefore the game crashes during this operation.

To fix everything it is obviously necessary that Google will offer special tools to developers: for the moment, therefore, it would be better don’t use auto wallpaper changing apps during gaming sessions.

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