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Autumn Edition featuring "hundreds" playable demos has been released •

Autumn Edition featuring “hundreds” playable demos has been released • TECH GAMING REPORT

But you only have a week to get over them.

Valve’s increasingly regular Steam Game Festival is back today in the fall edition on October 7th with “hundreds” of playable, limited-time demos.

The resumption of this fall event will continue from today to Tuesday, October 13th, marking the fourth Steam Game Festival in less than a year. Moreover, as with Valve’s summer show, it’s another tricky issue.

last year’s Inauguration The Steam Game Festival featured just 13 playable demos, and Valve has steadily increased in number with each new outing. This latest event promises “hundreds” of new demos. It’s a great suggestion in terms of choice, but it’s a pretty scary number. Most of them will stick only during the festival.

In addition to various demos, Valve also promotes developer interviews and livestream schedules to dig deeper into a wide range of upcoming game options. For more information Steam Game Festival: Autumn Edition Launch Page..

I’m a sim nerd, so I make a bee line for Tlön Industries. For Aspera As a demo, Kitfox Games’ non-linear “technical exorcist” research mystery Lucifer in us It also caught my eye during the preliminary browsing. Of course, if you come across something that’s enthusiastic enough, feel free to share the recommendations below!