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Bad taste or brave art?


The first controversial game abandoned in 2009 due to a delicate theme will be released this year, but not everyone is excited about the news.

Some blame the announcement, saying that the game is a “bad hobby” and should not be released.

6 days in Fallujah Initially planned to be published by video game and slot machine giant Konami, it quit the company in 2009 due to a backlash.

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As you can guess from the title, the game is not Saddam Hussein’s exiled Bath party member, but the turning point of the conflict in Iraq where the Allied forces fought against rebels, the second battle of Fallujah in 2004. It is set to 6 days. government.

With the use of white phosphorus shells, the Fallujah conflict is also controversial.

When Konami left, the game depicted was still fresh and the game was to be the first game focused on the Iraq War while still officially taking place.

A Konami spokeswoman said, “I saw the reaction to video games in the United States, and after hearing my opinion over the phone and email, I decided not to sell it a few days ago.”

The developer, Atomic Games, went bankrupt in 2011.

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Nearly 10 years after the official end of the Iraq War, the controversial game has a new home.

6 days in Fallujah Scheduled to be released on PC and console this year, “developed by many of the core leadership teams that created the original. Hello And Fate game”.

It is developed by a company called Highwire Games and published by Victura.

Many responded negatively to the news, despite the guarantee from the new developers that the subject matter was treated carefully.

Some others have welcomed the announcement and continue to expect it to reach its high goals.

Victura, who announced its resurrection last week, said Konami abandoned the game because of “a controversy over the ability of video games to cover challenging real-world events,” but “video games are all of us. I believe the media will help us to understand real-world events in other ways. “

Victora has collected stories, photos and video recordings from “more than 100 Marines, soldiers and Iraqi civilians,” and the plan is to “tell the integrity of these military and civilian stories.” Said that.

“It’s hard to understand what a fight really looks like when fake people are doing fake things in fake places,” said Peter Tamte, CEO of Victura.

“This generation has shown the most notable sacrifice and courage in Iraq in history, and now they understand to the rest of us one of the most important events of our century. It’s time to challenge outdated stereotypes about what video games are. “

Victura also disagreed with claims that the game would be used as an Army recruitment tactic, stating that the US government was not involved in the creation of the game and would not use it for recruitment.

Victura added that the supporting soldiers and Marines did so as civilians and the game was independently funded.

It also addressed the old controversy that the game could recreate the death of a real soldier or force the player to take on the role of a rebel army.

“We will not reproduce the death of a particular service member during gameplay without family permission. Instead, the Marines and soldiers will discuss the sacrifice of their teammates during a video interview.

“Never play as a rebel during a single player campaign or during multiplayer recreation in a real event.

“In addition, the single-player campaign includes high-intensity stealth missions to play as unarmed Iraqi civilians.”

According to the company, the game has developed “unique technology and game mechanics” for over three years to “bring players closer to modern combat uncertainty and tactics than other video games have explored.” I’ve been doing it.

I’ve tried other video games, but the levels of success vary.

Franchise call of Duty And battlefield Attack gamers with an unnamed bullet sponge in a campaign and present it in a more sporty way than a multiplayer depiction of war. This war of mine And Spec Ops: The Line Previously, we have tried to emphasize the sacrifices of human warfare, including those who wage war.

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