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Balan Wonderworld: director Yuji Naka leaves Square Enix

Director of Wonderworld Balance and the creator of Sonic the Hedgehog, Yuji naka he left Square enix. He himself announced today on Twitter that he is no longer with the company and had already left it at the end of April. Perhaps this is also due to the fact that the game has not been very well received by critics and players.

“I gave up Square enix at the end of April, “he said. Naka in the tweet. “While I cannot agree on the reason at this time, I look forward to discussing it when the time comes. As for what I will do in the future, I am already 55 years old, so I could well retire ”.

Programmer, designer and producer, he was theex Sonic Team bossas well as the main programmer of the game series. Sonic the Hedgehog original in Sega Mega Drive. With the same team, he also led the development of Nights into Dreams, Phantasy Star Online and other titles.

In 2006 he left Sega for founding Close, an independent gaming company. The team created games like Digimon for PSP and PlayStation 3, but is best known for Surround the Sky Soldier for Wii and Wii U. The company has also developed many titles for mobile devices.

He joined Square enix in January 2018, where he directed Wonderworld Balance. The latter was released on consoles and PC on March 26, and critics didn’t like the title very much. Although the game was not a huge success, it is always a disappointment to see people so important to the world of video games heading towards retirement. For more information on Wonderworld Balance you can see too This article.

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