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Baldur's Gate3 update reveals "most romance" NPCs

Baldur’s Gate3 update reveals “most romance” NPCs

Baldur’s Gate 3 Developer Larian Studios is the NPC in the game where the human wizard Gale was the most murdered in the last update of the game.Killing rate of party members“It was four times higher than any other NPC in the game, but as Larian said today, he seems to be causing other kinds of passion as well. update He is also the most “romance” member of the party.

Gail has been romanced by 33% of players so far, followed by Shadow Heart at 31%. Only 1.37% of players chose to sleep alone. I think this is interesting because knocking on virtual boots has become an almost essential element of RPGs. Larian has refrained from other statistics so far, suggesting that “Stanmeme” does not reflect actual data, but said “it might be fun to give a shot and guess.” ..