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Banco Pichincha confirms 'cybersecurity incident' in its systems

Banco Pichincha confirms ‘cybersecurity incident’ in its systems

After more than 72 hours without service on its electronic channels, the Pichincha Bank reported in a statement that the failure is due to a “cybersecurity incident” detected in its computer systems.

The statement was published by the bank through its Twitter account on the afternoon of this Monday, October 11, 2021.

“We have taken immediate actions such as isolate potentially affected systems from the rest of our network and have cybersecurity experts to assist in the investigation “.

So far, the bank has not reported the type of cyberattack to which its systems were exposed, nor has it specified in which sector of its infrastructure the failure is registered.

The ATM network continues to function

The bank assured that for now its ATM network for withdrawals and card payments it is enabled.

“This technological incident does not affect the financial performance of the bank. We reiterate our commitment to safeguard the interests of our clients and reestablish normal care through our digital channels in the shortest time possible, ”the institution stressed in the statement.

Various security flaws in 2021

In February 2021, after the publication of various media reports about a massive leak of your customers’ personal data, Banco Pichincha recognized that there was “unauthorized access to the systems of a supplier that provides services of marketing from the Pichincha Miles program ”.

On that occasion, the leak carried out by the cybercriminal group Hotarus Corp compromised the personal data of thousands of the bank’s clients.

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Initially, the group demanded a millionaire payment for the rescue of these data. The payment was never given and months later the entire database was circulating on hacker forums.

Information from clients of Banco Pichincha, for sale in a hacker forum in March 2021. Photo: Capture

In July of this year, Hotarus Corp reappeared on Internet forums. The group claimed to have had access to a new database. The veracity of this was revealed in a La Posta report posted in those days.

On that occasion, the entity replied that their systems “have not been compromised at any time as it has spread in the last hours ”.