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Banned "streaming": France prohibits the terms of the game

Banned “streaming”: France prohibits the terms of the game

Anyone who has ever played a multiplayer title like League of Legends, CSGO or Rainbow Six: Siege has certainly been greeted with the most diverse languages ​​in the world. But since communication between team members is naturally quite difficult, the players collectively agreed to primarily use the English language. Terms such as game, shooter, streamer and e-sports in the gaming sector are now also common in Germany. Of course one could, for example, replace streamer with the much fancier stromer, or find a more meaningful translation for this, but so far there has been no real effort in this direction.

English game terms are replaced with French alternatives

What the guardian informsHowever, France would like to preserve the “purity” of its language and thus refrain from using such anglicisms in the future. These should represent a kind of barrier to entry for non-players, which is why many of the well-known game terms will now be replaced by French-language alternatives. In the future, professional players will be called “Joueur professionnel”, which literally means “professional player”.

Other terms are given a rather embellished paraphrase. For example, Streamer now becomes “Joueur-animateur en direct”, which probably means “live direct player”. Esports, on the other hand, simply translates to “competitive video games,” which should be pretty helpful.