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Battery protection and charge acceleration app from Google Play Store for Android


There is no doubt that all smartphone users, especially those who use the Google Play Store for Android and also the Apple Store, are looking for useful mobile applications that increase performance efficiency while preserving the phone from consumption, and perhaps the most. The important thing that we all strive to conserve in our phones is the battery, we also definitely want to speed up its charging process and at the same time protect it from the rapid consumption of its energy, this undoubtedly works to conserve it for a long time and increases its useful life.

Fast loading app from Google Play Store for Android

Today we will talk about a famous application that is used by millions around the world, which is an application belonging to the Kharaphonek company, and after downloading it from this link upload accelerator app for android Of course we install it on our mobile, and after opening it we will find three options, each of which has a role in achieving energy savings as well as fast charging of the battery, preserving it and extending its useful life.

Speed ​​up loading from Google Play Store for Android
Speed ​​up loading from Google Play Store for Android

The first option in the charging acceleration application in the Google Play Store for Android is the normal mode, and it allows you to make the phone’s battery work in the same position as it is now, and of course most of the users of the app don’t choose this option, otherwise they wouldn’t have resorted to downloading it to help them increase battery and charging efficiency.

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Important options in the accelerated loading application.

As for the other two options, they are very important, the second is the power and charge saving mode, and this allows you to double the time that your battery continues to work without stopping, that is, if it works for an hour under normal conditions. . time, after activating that mode it will work for two hours and so on, and this mode significantly accelerates the charge of the mobile battery.

Google Play Store Power Saving App for Android
Google Play Store Power Saving App for Android

As for the third option in the charging acceleration application in the Google Play Store for Android, it is about putting the maximum energy saving, which takes the battery to four times its original time, which is already amazing and necessary for all Android users. phones, and the charging speed is almost double, and this is something you will notice.

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