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be careful with these 14 super popular apps, they leave your data in the wild

According to a disturbing new report from CyberNews, 14 famous apps on Android don’t protect their users’ personal data well enough that hackers could easily recover.

Credit: Pexels

CyberNews reports that after analyzing the configuration of a thousand most popular Android applications, 14 of them would have leaked confidential data about their users due to insufficient access controls on your Firebase realtime database. The exposed data potentially includes usernames, emails, usernames, and more.

Nevertheless, These applications have accumulated a total of 142.5 million downloads from the Google Play Store. Even the most popular applications are not necessarily the most secure, as we have already seen this year a massive data breach of 500 million users on LinkedIn, or 2.8 billion users affected by the leak of their personal data from Facebook.

Protecting your personal data is increasingly difficult

Cybernews did not share the name of any application that was affected by privacy issues related to incorrect Firebase settings, but This shows that despite its popularity, your personal data is not necessarily safe. Therefore, it is more than more It is difficult to be sure that your personal data is well protected.. We can, for example, quote Universal TV remote control, Remote control for Roku: Codematics, Hybrid Warrior: Dungeon of the Overlord or Find My Kids: Cell Phone Location Tracker for Kids.

For those who don’t know, Firebase is a mobile app development platform that offers a host of useful features, including real-time analytics, hosting, and cloud storage. This platform is used every month by more than 2.5 million applications, therefore, the applications you use on a daily basis are also likely to be prone to personal data leaks.

Android users are not the only ones affected by these privacy issues, as some iOS apps on Apple could also be affected for these bad Firebase settings. From the CyberNews survey, only 4 apps fixed security issues, but 9 of them did not respond to the site’s warnings.

Source : CyberNews