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Be concerned: it can be the 202mph Mercedes-AMG GT Black Sequence


This is the new Mercedes-AMG GT Black Collection, a car with a singular reason: to push the boundaries of what a motor vehicle putting on a selection-plate can do. For case in point, manually lengthen the front splitter and you are barred from the public road… track-only for you, sunshine. That is how fantastic the line is.

Just a speedy refresher then on AMG’s most hallowed badge, now on its sixth outing: “A Black Sequence is always a two-seater, generally a hardtop,” Joerg Letzel, merchandise manager at AMG explains. “The GT R Pro was primarily based on the GT R, but you will discover there’s no ‘R’ in GT Black Sequence, it’s a completely distinctive model, it represents what is technically attainable, the pinnacle of a motor vehicle designed for the racetrack, that can also be pushed on public roads.”

In the engine bay we come across AMG’s dry-sumped 4.-litre twin-turbo V8… just not as we know it. Fitted with a lighter, flat plane crank – tech ordinarily involved with really strung, superior-revving Italian supercars and, er, Mustang GT 350Rs – it is a positive-fireplace way to substantially change the GT’s burly character, insert some whipcrack to the tachometer and make it audio like Zeus splitting the sky in two right after a notably punchy Jalfrezi. It’s also helped to liberate 720bhp at 6,700rpm (the redline stays at 7,000rpm) and 590lb ft of torque between 2,000rpm and 6,000rpm. That is 143bhp and 74lb ft a lot more than the GT R Pro. That is a lot.

Some figures for you: major pace is 202mph (4mph much more than the GT R Professional, despite dragging a trestle table together behind it, the initial Black Collection to see the far aspect of 200mph), 0–62mph in 3.2 seconds (.4 speedier than the Professional), -124mph in under 9s and a Nürburgring lap time continue to to come. Any one betting towards it whooping the Aventador SVJ’s 6 minutes 45secs? Not us.

But cling on a moment, the AMG GT R Pro is previously a bewinged, slashed, observe-focused AMG GT so skilled and total that it secured a podium end in our 2019 functionality car or truck of the calendar year jamboree. Isn’t this just a include of the exact tune? Certainly. And no. They provide comparable reasons, charm to a comparable audience, absolutely sure, but the Black Series is major metal to the Pro’s prog rock. Excess all areas, a Professional + 20 per cent, as much as AMG can lawfully, and with a clear conscience, go. And at this rarefied end of the supercar market, that’s currency.

AMG mentions the glimpse-a-likey 911 GT2 RS, McLaren 720S and Ferrari F8 Tributo as its closest opponents – all mid- or rear-engined automobiles, I helpfully position out. “Yes, but the philosophy of Mercedes-AMG is front mid-engine, with a transaxle gearbox in the case of the GT. They operate mid-motor and a transaxle, it’s not so distinctive.” Apart from the AMG’s numerous hectares of ridged and punctured bonnet, Letzel has a point.

Excess all regions, a Pro + 20 per cent, as considerably as AMG can legally, and with a apparent conscience, go

At each individual corner, like the Professional, opposition-spec coilover suspension, but with digital AMG trip management campers instead than the clicky, manually adjustable ones on the Professional. Entrance wheel camber and front and rear anti-roll bars are tweakable by hand, while, so you’ll at least be able to appear hectic at your neighborhood track day.

To be straightforward, we had been hoping for Liberty Walk-sized built-in arch extensions (see exhibit A, the SL65 Black Collection) that give these top Mercs their monstrous, cartoonish quality. On close inspection there are wider arches below, but apologetic lip trims to accommodate the broader Pilot Activity Cup 2 Rs, not carbon-fibre porches at each individual corner. At the very least the relaxation of the bodywork isn’t holding back.

At the entrance: a larger sized grille similar to the GT3 race car or truck, a manually-adjustable entrance diffuser with two positions – road and race – and, normally, a lot more holes than a Richard Curtis screenplay. There are louvres in the top rated of the wheel arches to relieve pressure and boost downforce, sideskirts like sideboards and a entirely flat underfloor to sucker you on to the tarmac. No official downforce quantities forthcoming from AMG, only “significantly much more than a GT R Pro”. We do not doubt it.

Anything I’ve missed? Oh of course, the scaffolding rig of a rear wing. A double-decker, where by the angle of both equally “blades” can be tweaked manually, but also an electronically-controlled flap on the top rated part that can move all-around instantly or be controlled manually by using a button on the centre console. Amusingly, AMG’s spec sheet notes that the “large double-movement retailers in the bonnet not only discharge warm air, but also immediate it earlier the A-pillars – this way the rear wing can be optimally flowed and can also be made smaller.” SMALLER.

Lightweighting has also transpired: there’s thinner glass for the windscreen and rear window, carbon-fibre shell bucket seats as regular, carbon bonnet, carbon wings, carbon tailgate and a stepped carbon roof. Carbon-ceramic brakes, as well, and for the entire Bernd Schneider an optional keep track of package provides a titanium roll bar, four-point harnesses and a fire extinguisher. Consequence of this dying by carbon fibre? A kerbweight of 1,540kg – 35kg much less than the GT R Pro.

AMG is not placing a restrict on creation quantities for the Black Series, just a restricted period in which it will make them, but it’s not low-cost: £275,000 additionally neighborhood taxes, so £330,000 in the UK.

For any person with only a passing curiosity in cars and trucks, the AMG GT Black Series’ existence ought to be laughable. If demolishing racetracks is your matter, obtain a race car or truck. If you want to appreciate by yourself on a B-highway, a £30k sizzling-hatch will do a greater job. If you are only fascinated in flagrantly exhibiting your prosperity, there are other, considerably less back-breaking means to do it. All true, but let us just celebrate this mad, mad automobile for what it is: Mercedes flexing its sizeable engineering muscle mass, getting a automobile launched six years back and surgically maximizing right up until it turns into the greatest expression of pace. And anger.

Pictures: Philipp Rupprecht

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