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Bear finds lost GoPro camera and records himself

Bear finds lost GoPro camera and records himself

In the United States, a bear found a lost GoPro camera and was able to turn it on. The result is incredible images of the animal. But see for yourself.

A bear finds a GoPro camera and examines it. – Twitter / @ NEONGENESIS

the essentials in brief

  • New images of a bear are going viral on social media.
  • The special thing: the animal filmed himself with a GoPro.
  • Before that, someone must have lost their camera in the mountains.

That bear Apparently he understands how to handle technology: videos circulate on social networks showing how the animal behaves a GoPro he films himself!

What Facebook-User Dylan Schilt from Wyoming, USA, Says he found a camera lost in the mountains. When he looked at what was on the GoPro, he couldn’t help but be amazed.

Bear takes a look at his mouth

A big old black bear has apparently found the camera, writes Schilt: “He managed to turn on the camera, filmed himself and played with it.” It’s the craziest thing he’s ever seen, says Schilt.

The clip shows exactly how Bear it first holds the object with its claws and processes it. In the end, you even put the GoPro in your mouth, creating spectacular images of your tongue and teeth.

The video footage triggers many humorous reactions on social media. So look at a Twitter-Use the bear already as Youtube-Estrella and immediately puts an intro in his mouth: «Hello everyone, welcome to my channel! Many have asked me what my morning routine is like. “

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