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Bears enjoy the benefits of the new approach


Matt Naji finally got the running game he’s always wanted.

Last year the Bears continued to run, so they wouldn’t miss the shotgun and might need to increase the overall number of trials, but the running game was the way Nagy initially envisioned a committee approach. is.

“It feels like there are all three running backs. The first time you get that running game, you lose confidence,” said Tarick Cohen.

Indeed, David Montgomery had the majority of carry to the Detroit Lions with a 27-23 victory at the start of the season. They still have productivity from Cohen and Cordarel Patterson, and the Commission’s approach made it look like Nagy wanted to return to the off-season 2018-2019.

After an off-season redesign in collaboration with aggressive line coach Juan Castillo and aggressive coordinator Bill Razol, everything worked in the end. The end result was an attack that set a play action passing style quarterback.

“Again, sometimes someone gets a hot hand, and if that’s the case, someone might get a little more based on who they are and how they run the ball,” Nagy said. Said. “It’s probably the hardest thing to do when you’re dealing with those people, after all,” he said.

After New York gave up 141 yards in a hurry to Pittsburgh with its opener, productivity is generally good and what the Bears can expect to achieve against the Giants Sunday.

It’s not often in NFL games that three different backs can register a long run of 10 yards or more, but Bears did that and set up a pass game by achieving it. Montgomery was 10 yards, Patterson was 13 yards, and Cohen was 16 yards. When True Biskey scrambled at 20 during the comeback, they achieved another 10 runs for the fourth time.

“I feel it builds confidence in attacks, drama calls, and individual groups like O-line and running backs,” Cohen said. “With this 16-yard run, 10-yard run, and an average of 6 yards in a rush game, the caller of play can call anything, the first, second, or third run. Call

“It only gives us mysterious, non-one-dimensional abilities in playcalls.”

Montgomery ran 13 rushes at 64 yards, Cohen ran seven times at 41, and Patterson 4 ran 19 yards. The total number of rush attempts may seem low, but Nagy pointed out that it equals more carry in various gaming situations, such as if it didn’t decrease by 17 points at the beginning of the fourth quarter. ..

“Where these numbers go up, I want to be in 4-minute mode instead of 2-minute mode,” Nagy said. “Well, suddenly Montgomery has 18 carry. Maybe he’s 16 and he’s in 4 minute mode so he’s 20 carry.”

Instead of running an offense in panic mode, it helps kill the clock on the ground and tries to make up for the deficit with a pass.

“If the numbers are correct last year, I think 35 actually led the league in four quarters and 35 tried,” Naji said. “That means four minutes in Ravens. And I think 49 ers was second in the NFL with about 30 rush attempts per game. Rush attempts. It was 28 last week. Now there are some. There is a scramble of. In QB. ”

Castillo’s contribution does more than just help design play. He had to get the attack line to actually execute the execute block, but this is not a strength in recent years. Bears gave up a bag and opened an average of 5.2 yards from his back.

Castillo quoted the basis for his constant preaching.

“Repeat something over and over,” he said. “The time they put in before practice, I think it’s the reward they get when they look at the tape (later). Footwork, what they can finish, hat placement, hand placement, all of them. Is really working.

“They dropped out of football. They finished playing, and it made them physical.”

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