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ఐఫోన్ కొట్టు.. 5 రూపాయలు పట్టు

Beat the iPhone … hold 5 rupees

There have been many instances of bricks and mortar getting in when ordering a cell phone online. Another strange thing happened in Kochi, Kerala.

If you order an iPhone-12 .. Wim bar came in the package. He also has a 5 rupee bill as a bonus. A customer who wanted to unbox a video before the Amazon delivery man was shocked by the hit. In fact, doing so favored him.

Noorul Amin from Kochi recently pre-ordered the iPhone-12 on Amazon. Rs. 70,900 prepaid. Payments were made through Amazon Pay. In 3 days the Amazon delivery man called. He said he was answering the phone.

Noorul flew away. When the courier arrived, he was ready to do an unpacking video. He took the lid and opened the box, Tira was surprised to see the wim bar in it. It also has a 5 rupee coin. He filed a complaint with the cyber police station.

New angle in the case.

Until now, delivery men have been involved in similar scams. But this time no one understands where the real problem is. The Amazon company apologized to Noorul. They said they had no stock of new phones and they fully refunded the money. The strange thing is that Noorul tracked down the IMEI number of the iPhone-12 ordered by Noorul and found that the phone was being used in Jharkhand.

What’s even weirder is that the phone has been working since September. The phone, which was ordered in October, was delivered to a different address in September and used. Amazon operators and cybercrime police are baffled as to how the scam could have occurred.

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