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Behind the scenes of the 2022 Hockey Playoff 


With only three weeks away from the end of the 2022 NHL regular season, ice hockey lovers can start calculating who can be the next Stanley Cup winner. Those who like to bet or want to try their luck guessing it are way ahead with summing up and statistical analyses.

NHL Playoffs are always exciting, even for the less-invested people. The game itself is unpredictable, fast, and powerful. But, there is even more to it than that. Hockey Playoffs are like no other. Seven months of intense regular season playing followed by four rounds of an exhausting fight to survive and enter the finals. 

It’s safe to say that ice hockey players are not just big, strong, and fearless. They are something else.

What comes next?

As the trade deadline is finally behind us, things are now much clearer. Or are they? In the Eastern Conference, Carolina Hurricanes 45-17-8 and New Your Rangers 45-20-6 are currently leading. 

Meanwhile, Colorado Avalanche 50-14-5 and Minnesota Wild 43-21-5 are doing the same thing for the Western Conference standings. These two teams will play their next games on August 8, Colorado against the Winnipeg Jets and Minnesota against the St. Louis Blues. Both games are scheduled for 8:00 PM ET. Betway NHL odds show a spread -1.5 (+130) and moneyline -190 for Colorado, while Winnipeg 33-28-6 got a +1.50(160) spread and +155 moneyline.

The current spread odds for Minnesota are -1.5 (+220) and for moneyline -115. For St. Louis 40-20-10, spread odds are +1.5 (-280) and the moneyline is at -105. According to the latest predictions, the Minnesota Wilds have a 51% chance to win the game.

NHL Playoffs are exciting

The battle for the hockey Holy Grail also known as Stanley Cup lasts for two months and it’s an annual event. These details are more than enough for the hardest cup to win the title. Of course, there will be rumors and gossip, a scandal or two here and there, same as with any other sport. But, with a grueling schedule and tensions, it’s almost unavoidable.

Individual initiative is a factor that exists in other sports but is slightly different for NHL Playoffs. Every hockey Playoff has its heroes on ice skates, players that rose, stole the moment, and did something unthinkable and almost crazy. Unlike other sports, in hockey, these moments are not rare. The most important thing, any player can become a Playoff knight. Possibly and quite unsurprisingly it could be Connor McDavid from Edmonton Oilers. Or, it might be Johnny Gaudreau from Calgary Flames. Because all players, including the young ones, have that chance to perform the magic and lead their teams toward victory ice hockey Playoffs have a devoted and loyal audience. 

Fans like no other

With such passionate fans, every game has the potential to become a memorable event. You can feel the static in the air, the energy, and the excitement that slowly rises with every second before the game even starts. For NHL Playoffs, home ice advantage has a special meaning. You can bet all your money that the crowd with the team’s jerseys on will cheer very loud. Sometimes they might even go a bit overboard to show their love and support. The only sport that might have similar kinds of people in the audience and match this atmosphere is football.

True hockey fans know how to appreciate the effort and the time players put into training and regular-season games to reach the Finals. Even if the team fails, they keep coming back to cheer and believe in new chances.

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