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Beloved Aether To The Video Game Health Bar


Listen here, geek. Game discourse It seems to always go in the same direction. Everyone always talks about the best characters, weapons, abilities and levels. You won’t hear a brave adventure discussing one of the game’s most ubiquitous features. Of course, I’m talking about the Health Bar-a work of art that is often underrated.

I came across a lot of health bars in my dilapidated mid-twenties. There is something to say about games where you can create your own health bar creation. The Health Bar pays attention for a variety of reasons, from how well it represents the overall aesthetics of the game to how useful it is with regards to health-related concerns, and at times its very very strange and goofy look. Deserve

The Health Bar has long wanted them to earn the respect they deserve. I-a very benevolent ruler (ie, the biggest nerd)-is obligatory. Below are seven recommendations from the Health Bar that are truly epitome of epitome.

Super Mario Sunshine (2002)


Kicking off the list is a rather controversial title, as some consider it a mainline 3D black sheep. Mario title: Super Mario Sunshine. Rather than being overly political, I am an anti-summer and anti-beach man. Super Mario Sunshine A rare exception to this rule.

This includes a sun-inspired health meter that looks good in the game. This looks like a cartoon-like sketch you would write down in a textbook when trying to get over the dangers of a math class.

Resident Evil (1996)

Resident Evil Health Bar


On the other side of the spectrum Resident Evil The series is hardly a fun or hilarious experience. These kinds of games are not my tea, Resident Evil The franchise deserves praise for how unique it is.

The game uses the ECG (electrocardiogram) to measure the character’s status. That is the most appropriate I have ever seen. Nothing like-the cast too Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool-Can hold candles in this epic decision.

Pac-Man World Series (1999-2005)

Pac-Man World screenshot.


Please don’t tell anyone. But one of my beliefs is that Pacman world The series deserves an HD remaster. I take great care of this underrated platformer series, which has many aspects, including a simple health bar that gives you a glimpse of how perfect it is each time.

Make that health bar Was not This health bar is an example of when people are doing one job and doing well, as the one based on the legendary pie design is an insult to our thick yellow boy.

Sponge Bob Square Pants: Bikini Bottom Fight (2003)

Underwear is a spongebob square pants health bar: bikini bottom fight.

THQ / Nickelodeon

Are there any more suitable sponges that live in underwater pineapples? With the recently released remaster, I wondered: Is there a game that uses underwear as its main product? Battle for bikini bottom?

Suppose you’re not always seeing pants used to aggregate hit points every day, before a geeky reference like some obscure Commodore 64 games.

Kingdom Hearts Series (2002-Present)

An example of the Kingdom Hearts video game Health Bar.

Disney/Square Enix

I’m not trying too begin explain Kingdom heartsBut, in a sense, the Health Bar serves as a perfect symbol of the complexity of the series, I say. This monster is a bit hilarious when you actually see it.

The health bar also serves as one of the visual representations of RPG growth. It is very satisfying to see your little wedge grow into a body longer than the equator.

Game Boy Advance Spider-Man (2002)

Spider-Man is my favorite character, not only a fictional character, but I remember playing a lot of this game. When my mom takes me to school, I will spend some time trying to beat any level I’m stuck with. I swear that the boss’s fight against shockers was impossible.
The health bar is literally in the shape of a red web and you’ll see the mass disappear. Despite how seemingly arbitrary the amount of damage you received, it was just plain.

The day of fur with bad fruit on conker (2001)

This is self-explanatory for those who enjoy good things (that is, chocolate, which is a very good thing). A lot of jokes and coarseness Conker bad fur days Rather than getting older exactly, it’s no exaggeration to say that it’s audacity and how the game is in the real world?

Honestly, I announced a bill in the Senate to use chocolate or other tasty treats as a health stick in more games.

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