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Ben Simmons humiliated: “Drop your video games and get your butt to the gym”

One week after removal Of the Sixers against the Hawks, Ben Simmons remains one of the number one talking points in the NBA … For example, a former player just destroyed him by asking him in particular to give up video games to work more on his game.

The provision of Ben simmons Game 7 of the series against the Hawks will continue to be one of the highlights of this NBA season! The point guard was transparent when his team needed him most, and everyone in Philadelphia blames him on his back. After the meeting, even Joel Embiid went there with his great tackle on his teammate !

The Australian is undoubtedly aware that he is at a turning point in his career. His popularity rating is at its lowest level after this campaign, so he gave himself a crazy goal this summer to reverse the trend ! You’ll have to work hard to make people forget the last few weeks and potentially attract deals.

And as he trains and walks the halls with the goal of improving, former players don’t hesitate to tackle him. This is, for example, the case of former Grizzlies defender Tony Allen, who spoke at the Chris Vernon Show. For him, Simmons must give up all his hobbies to become a better basketball player.

What does Ben Simmons like in life? The videogames ?! Drop your video games and get your butt to the gym! I’m serious, I couldn’t have played in Philadelphia now. I wouldn’t have let him go for a second! He would have told him clearly: “Boy, you make 40 million a season, you have to start making some shots now. “

When you are little you dream that you are Michael Jordan, that time is ticking and you make the winning shot… It is a match 7 you have to give everything you have to achieve this dream. How did you manage not to give your all in this match? … I honestly believe that he is not playing in his position. If he was a strong winger, it would be much better.

Ben Simmons could have taken advantage of the presence of a veteran Tony Allen in the locker room, a player who is not afraid to rush the stars for the good of the franchise. With this presence around him, he could have worked on his shot a bit earlier, which would have gone well for the Sixers …

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If Ben Simmons doesn’t show real progress in the coming months, you risk facing a lot of criticism! Let’s hope the training pays off!