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BenQ showcases OLED gaming monitors and projectors at Gamescom

Another manufacturer is following the trend: BenQ has introduced three new monitors under the Mobiuz gaming brand, including the bulky 48-inch EX480UZ OLED model. For literal gaming on the big screen, BenQ is also showing off a new 4K gaming projector.

the Gamescom 2022 is in full swing and this year’s hardware exhibitors also include BenQ. In addition to a whole range of Zowie-branded esports monitors, this year’s booth has a gaming monitor that dwarfs all other models next to it.

BenQ’s first OLED gaming monitor

Of BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ is he the manufacturer’s first OLED gaming monitor and you can also make money as a home theater system. Not just because he’s with 48 inches is larger than many TVs, but also because it comes with a treVolo 2.1 audio system It is provided. Although the woofer only has 5 watts, it is at least an alternative to playing with headphones all the time.

Image: BenQ

Of course, that’s the highlight. OLED panel, with which the monitor can display rich colors and deep contrasts. Also, there is a refresh rate of 120Hza typical fast OLED 0.1ms response time10-bit color and True Black HDR 400. FreeSync Premium and its own HDR technologywhich should flexibly adjust the image settings using an ambient light sensor.

In addition to the 48-inch, BenQ also has the two models for Gamescom EX270M and EX270QM presented, each specialized in FPS games with a 27-inch IPS panel, 240 Hz and 1 ms GtG response time. The EX270M offers Full HD resolution, the EX270QM has a resolution of 2560 × 1440 (QHD) and is VESA DisplayHDR 600 certified.

Image: BenQ

The BenQ Mobiuz EX480UZ OLED monitor costs €1,999 RRP, smaller models are available for €399 (EX270M) and €799 (EX270QM). The three monitors can be reserved from September.

Gamescom visitors can also use the BenQ 4K X3000i Projector try. The game projector uses a 4LED light source for a particularly bright image and should be included 4 millisecond response times (at a resolution of 1080p and 240 Hz) ideal for gaming.


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