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Best Football Manager 2021 Tactics and Formations


Where does Football Manager 2021 start? Would you like to transfer the list immediately to raise funds? Do you want to organize your training routine? Or do you find the best formations and tactics that can be glorified over the years? If you’re like me, it’s the latter.

Finding the right tactics to move along with the perfect formation is the most fun thing about Football Manager 2021. Many players are mad scientists, just because of the permutations and the number of tweaks that can be done in a simple 4-4-2. The year I came up with the perfect tactic to win a lot — and lose to Fulham at home. That’s the football manager’s way.

Here are some of the best tactics and formation choices for Football Manager 2021: Keep in mind that players need to adapt to these new tactics through training and matches and may not work right away. In addition, some team attributes may not be optimal for press or high intensity tactics, so make sure the tactics work for the player instead of vice versa. Also, as a final caveat, it’s important to train multiple tactics at once, as AI can adapt to tactics over time.

BEST FOOTBALL MANAGER 2021 TACTICS: Carlo Ball 4-3-3 | Gegenyes 4-2-3-1 | Leicester 2015 / 164-4-2 | Tikitaka Press 4-3-3 | Destroyer 4-4-2

Carlo Ball 4-3-3

FM21 best formation

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This tactic aims to recreate Carlo Ancelotti’s early tactics at Everton during the 2020/21 Premier League season. It may have been sour for them, but Carloball may offer you something quite different tactically this year.

The big thing about this tactic is that it focuses on the wings as a playmaker. In other words, you need someone who can cut in from the wing and play the killer pass or switch between plays. It also overloads the middle of the park with a midfielder, providing defensive stability and crowding play.

As was the case in real life, the only way it can fall is that the wings can keep you very open against counterattacks. If you want to score a lot of goals and don’t mind admitting some, Carloball is the way to go this year.

Gegenyes 4-2-3-1

FM21 tactics

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Listen, you probably knew that gegenpress was here when it came to discussing the best football manager 2021 tactics. It’s ridiculous how effective this year is, like Football Manager 2020. When Liverpool gained glory last year, it doesn’t make sense to weaken.

And of course, to get the most out of your press, you need to use 4-2-3-1. This tactic not only uses the high line to constantly pin back your opponent, but also uses a powerful tackle to drive away weak people, balls and opponents.

So what are the drawbacks of gegenpress? Now, you need to have a player who really fits you or be lucky not to get seriously injured throughout the season. Keep in mind that depending on how intense this tactic is, you will probably change staff throughout the season.

Leicester 2015 / 164-4-2

Leicester FM2020

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This football manager 2021 tactic is for all role players out there. Would you like to relive Leicester’s incredible Premier League victory in the 2015/16 season, often regarded as the biggest turmoil in sports history? Well now you can. Some kind.

The season was a bottle of lightning for the entire league, and perhaps for sports, but this tactic seems to recreate the season in which it won the trophy as closely as possible. You’ll need a fast striker to play off from the defender’s shoulders, like Mahrez-shaped Trequartista Vardy, and someone to fight for all the balls, like the not-cheap singing.

If you have it all and you’re lucky, you might be able to emulate what Leicester did, but it’s all just as solid and brilliant tactics, perfect for low-table teams. It’s always nice to see 4-4-2 in the wild.

Tikitaka Press 4-3-3

FM21 tactics

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This tactic is touted as helping Brentford win the league by its creator, but what is it really? Well, it looks like it relies heavily on holding the ball. You can also see if you can simply outperform your opponent with a great deal of emphasis on attacking the slightly defensive ones.

This means that you’ll probably need Front 3 to play a good game to see the win, but DLF seems to play a bigger role in the advanced forward setup. Placing two powerful strikers next to a faster, more deadly striker should reveal the goal.

Also, this is a full attack by default, but it may be wise to switch to a cautious mindset when playing against a large team away from home or help find a match. Also, the instruction to get stuck and press constantly means a yellow card and a knuckled player.

Destroyer 4-4-2

FM21 tactics
FM21 tactics

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Another super-attack-focused tactic of Football Manager 2021, this “destroyer” tactic aims to do one thing. If the winger is deeper than usual, it will change a little, so there is room for breaks.

In fact, with a focus on wing play, midfielders are required to act as the muscles of a middle or simple water carrier rather than a playmaker. In short, you need to invest in a powerful midfielder with a high tackle attribute. I want to remove this.

Like all other tactics that rely on the High Line and engagement, this tactic can remain very vulnerable to counterattacks and can be very physically demanding during the season. You need to have enough team depth.

Football Manager 2021 is now available on your PC.

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