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Best Smart Plugs of 2020: Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Siri Home Solutions


Smart home devices are replacing speakers, old light bulbs, and even refrigerators at record pace. But what about the ones in our house that aren’t smart yet? That’s where smart plugs come in.

These nifty gadgets are regular lamps, fans, coffee maker, Kitchen appliances, or almost anything to smart homes for automation and voice control. There are models for all voice assistants. Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, some work with all three Apple HomeKit.. This is a quick and affordable way to get more out of your smart home platform.

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With so many options, choosing the best smart plug to turn on and off a newly connected device is all you need, whether you use voice commands or not, your home connection. This means that you need to check the settings. Platform used to control everything-“All” includes the wall outlet of your choice.

We have tested dozens of smart plugs from companies of all sizes. These are the best smart plug options for bringing the rest of your home online. This list is updated regularly. Smart home device, you’re here!

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Chris Monroe / CNET

The Kasa line of TP-Link smart home products includes this space-saving smart plug. Working with the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa over a Wi-Fi network, the Kasa app (Android and iOS) offers many advanced options for customizing schedules, away modes, and timers.

What can you not get? Energy consumption data, USB port or HomeKit compatibility. Still, if you’re interested in scheduling and using voice control and voice commands, TP-Link smart plugs are great for controlling light switches and other connected devices.

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Tyler Lizenby / CNET

For just $ 15 in two packs, the Wyze plug packs punches.We tested it in CNET smart home, Setup was easy. Wyze plug Google Assistant And Amazon alexa There is a physical on / off switch on the side of the plug. There is no USB port on the side for additional charging.

The voice commands in our tests work well and the size and design of the plugs do not interfere with other outlets. The Wyze app had a noticeable delay in turning on the device, but the results may vary depending on the strength of the Wi-Fi.

Molly Price / CNET

WeMo Wi-Fi smart plugs are affordable and compatible with the native Google Assistant, Alexa, and yes, HomeKit.

The WeMo app is not our favorite app and you cannot use the WeMo Wi-Fi smart plug to monitor your energy. Aside from these drawbacks, the space-saving design of this smart plug and its reliable compatibility with HomeKit make it easy to recommend to users of the Apple ecosystem.

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iDevices Outdoor Switch is a great way to automate outdoor lighting, fans, lamps, switches, or other patio electronics. This outdoor smart switch works with Google Assistant, Alexa, HomeKit over a Wi-Fi connection and features energy tracking and remote control.

There are two outlets, but they cannot be controlled individually.If it’s a must for you, we recommend checking out TP-Link Kasa Outdoor Smart PlugIt works on Google and Alexa and has a great companion app.

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Other models tested

There are dozens of smart plugs from companies of all sizes. We haven’t tested everything, but quite a few plugs are provided via CNET smart homes. Let’s take a quick look at the other notable options.

  • Amazon smart plug: The brand’s flagship Amazon Smart Plug costs $ 25 and only works with Alexa. It’s easy to set up, but not as feature-rich as the other models. This can interfere with trading when looking for a smart outlet.
  • Satechi Dual Smart Outlet: This HomeKit-enabled smart plug costs $ 30 and comes with two outlets and energy monitoring capabilities. Not compatible with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. These cannot be maintained if you are using the entire Alexa app.
  • iHome outdoor: This $ 40 outdoor smart plug works with all three voice assistants, but with only one outlet.
  • ConnectSense Smart Outlet 2: This $ 60 giant performs everything from energy monitoring, individually controlled outlets, USB ports, LED status lighting and more. But the price and the unattractive oversized design are enough to prevent me from recommending it. Everyone loves smart outlets, but no one likes ugly outlets.
  • Koogeek: This $ 32 smart plug works well with HomeKit, but blocks adjacent outlets. The Alexa or Google Assistant integration isn’t as smooth as you’d like to see on a connected device.
  • Puregear Pureswitch: This HomeKit-centric smart plug is another surefire choice for Apple smart homes, but it didn’t work as well in testing as other HomeKit-compatible devices.
  • Eufy smart plug mini: This pint-sized smart plug is slightly larger than the SmartThings budget above, and $ 23 is just a few dollars higher. You’ll also get Amazon and Google Assistant Smart.

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3 Reasons You Need a Smart Plug


Things to remember

Choosing the best smart plug starts with voice assistant compatibility. Choose a plug that works with your voice assistant, such as your smartphone, tablet, or other device. This information can usually be found in the product box, website, or in the voice assistant mobile app.

Next, consider where to place the plug and whether blocking other adjacent outlets is a problem. In that case, choose a plug that is not too large. Most models, called “minis,” save space.

More control and convenience can be added with additional features such as energy monitoring and USB charging. No matter which smart plug you choose, using the plug to bring your everyday products online is one of the easiest ways to automate and make your home smarter.

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