Bethesda Revealed Fallout 76 At E3 2018

What is Fallout 76?

Similar to DayZ, Rust, and Minicraft, Fallout 76 is an online survival game but based in the Fallout Universe. The game happens to be in the remote-past of the former Fallout games – Nearly two decades since atomic bombing cleared most of the civilization.

In addition, the other Fallout games have featured Vault 76 as distinctly the foremost to have gone through the world, following the destruction. Likewise, you become the first to get ahead to reconstruct the demolished world. Contrary to any Fallout game, there is a plethora of greenery and life but only few buildings.

The game will be available to play on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

Latest Features

  • The game is seen to have overtaken Fallout: 4 in terms of graphics – Featuring improved outlook, illumination, and performance.
  • It also features an extended eyeing distance than any former Fallout game.
  • The map in Fallout: 76 is 4x bigger than that of Fallout: 4 – Bethesda confirmed. More than that, the map has 6 different regions with each acknowledging the ethnic traits of West Virginia.

What makes Fallout: 76 outstanding?

Fallout 76
Credits: USgamer

The game happens to be totally online. You play with other survivors of Vault 76 in a common world – Similar to Destiny 2. Following to that, you do not get much players to hang around with during catastrophe. Also, you can be friends with other players, but you’ll have to be cautious, or else you’ll be killed with your stuff taken away.

Your major tasks in the game are to gather resources and form a base, and later on turn them into buildings and defenses. As soon as you have built a base, you can carry that entire base at any site on the map. Likewise, you can also attack your enemies’ bases for further resources, so that you can construct your own. Now, here comes a new interesting aspect of using nuclear weapons. As not long ago the destruction happened, there are more chances for you to discover missile silos. Finding codes to unbar those silos can help you in destroying your enemies’ bases and raiding the territories to grab the required resources. With that being said, you just have to be cautious against harmful radiations.

Fallout 76
Credits: Press Start

When Fallout: 76 will be released and will it have a Beta?

The game will be out on November 14th 2018, and yes it will have a beta version, but unfortunately Bethesda has not revealed the date, but for sure it will be available for those who will pre-order the game.