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Beware of these applications: they empty your bank account without you noticing

Beware of these applications: they empty your bank account without you noticing

Again, the joker virus it’s wreaking havoc. As reported by the Belgian Police, the malware returned hidden in several applications of Android that could be freely downloaded in the Google Play Store. The intruder has the power to register users for paid services without authorization and thus completely empty their bank accounts without them noticing.

“This malicious program has been detected in eight Play Store applications that Google has suppressed,” the Belgian authorities warned in a statement.

jester gained popularity four years ago for infecting and stealing from Internet users in a hidden way in various apps. Google’s defense systems took action and removed about 1,700 aps that contained it. In September 2020, the malware was found in 24 apps of the Android operating system and at that time, it is estimated, that it affected more than 30 countries. Among them are the United States, Spain and Brazil. The hackersBy means of permissionless subscriptions, they could steal about $ 7 per week.

These are the applications that could empty your account without you noticing / istockphoto

The victims of this virus They do not realize the scam until they review their account statement in detail, since the bank does not suspect a fraud because it is an apparently “normal” subscription. Also, because they are small weekly charges, they do not see it as unusual movements.

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