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Beyond the light of this last week?


It’s November. A little over a week now Until the Destiny 2 Beyond Light extension arrives on all platforms, especially with the Xbox Series X on November 10.

Bungie continues to provide more and more information about what has changed and what has not changed. Some players may be wondering what they can do to get the best “preparation” for next week’s expansion.

But the more you think about it, the more you realize that there isn’t much to do, or it’s worth the preparation.

What do you mean? Here are some of the differences.

First, I learned that when Beyond Light hits this week, all gear will be 1050, just 10 under the current hard cap and the current 1060 pinnacle cap. Then there is a new soft cap on the 1200. This means that almost every drop you get when Beyond Light hits, even blues, is probably a power upgrade, so you don’t have to end it. Pinnacle Grind (if there is no seasonal delay yet) only adds another 10 levels to the 150 level softcap increase.

Next is the hoarding of prize money. A few Having earned a degree, Bungie issued a strange warning about maintaining a prize that would give him a Crucible or Gambit rank at the time of submission. This is because it could ruin a strong reward here in the next season. And you should also not save bounties from the disappearing planetary locations.So get rid of it all, and there’s not even a lot of prizes left to be saved, and Bungee’s explanation is a bit confusing, and it’s possible if you keep the wrong one Can even be painful Your progress.

I believe The final list of approved prizes is as follows:

  • Vanguard Dailies
  • Gunsmith Weekly and Daily
  • Ellismone Weekly and Daily
  • Lectern Weekly and Daily
  • EDZ and Nessus Dailies

So not so many, and if you get off the list, that might be a bad thing. I don’t know if it’s worth worrying about.

I know there is another layer of people who are in a hurry to accomplish something they haven’t managed yet at a particular destination. You’ll see many catalyst hunters in raid hideouts, and finally those who get whispers and outbreaks. Still, it’s still enough to see if Bungie is worth running Weekly Spire for exotic things that have stopped working or plans to revive catalysts, or if vending machines are available for display and purchase. I don’t know. Some prism catalysts, or exotic crypto whispers. Still do not know.

If anything, it’s more experience To accomplish something like this before it’s gone. The rewards are certainly good, but if you haven’t done things like zero hour or whistle permissions yet, it’s high quality content that you need to do before the rewards themselves run out, even if they can somehow be billed later.

In short, how Bungie positioned Beyond Light between new power levels and bounty warnings, and the uncertain future of arched content, I can or care what you can do to prepare for the new expansion. I don’t know if there is a lot to do. In many ways, this is the beginning of a new era in Destiny, even if you’re racing raids, for example. plenty It’s been 11 days since it was released, so we have time to hone our power and gear.

If there’s one thing I recommend for Beyond Light’s preparation, it’s to clean up your safe. When the Transmog arrived, it turned out that we didn’t need a physical copy of the armor in our inventory, so there was a lot of space there to make sure there was enough space for all the new equipment we’d get. It’s time to wipe. It does not start an extension that sends everything to the postmaster.

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