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Big Bang Racing, in the racing game for iPhone, iPad and Android you design the circuit

If you are passionate about obstacle racing games, then you are in the right place: Big Bang Racing is just that, with the addition of the levels, if you want, you create them yourself. With the fingertip, through the corresponding section it is possible to draw the circuit and add hundreds of obstacles and elements with which the pilot can interact during the race, making each circuit unique in its kind. Also because the levels can be shared with the whole community, which allows anyone to race in them and beat the track record.

There are tens of thousands – we read in the promotional card – and there is also the adventure mode with levels of increasing difficulty designed by the developers with the aim of getting carried away by the dynamics of the game. The protagonist is an alien who can be made to decide to drive a motocross bike or an off-road vehicle, each with its strengths and weaknesses from the point of view of the vehicle’s specific physics.

During matches, players will be able to collect power-ups, treasures, and other fun items that are helpful in completing each circuit as quickly as possible. It is possible to be part of a team to surpass the others in the weekly seasons and thus obtain unique prizes: the objective is not only to climb in the local and global rankings but also to customize your character with a special headdress.

Above all, earn coins with which to update the vehicle: the alternative is to buy updates through in-app purchases ranging from a minimum of € 2.29 to a maximum of € 21.99 for the heaviest bag of gems ( on Android the prices range between 0.99 and 48.99 euros), although they are not mandatory for the continuation of the games, both in adventure mode and online.

In the current version (3.7.4) for iPhone and iPad the game is around 260MB and requires iOS or iPadOS version 8.0 or later. Your Android the current version is 3.7.2, it weighs just over 80 MB and you need at least version 4.4 of Android to play it. In both cases the download is free.