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Big Update For Pokemon-Style MMO Temtem Releases Tuesday


Temtem is getting its biggest update since its PC version launched via Early Access. Coming out July 21, developer Crema will add a new island called Kisiwa into the Pokemon-like massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Beyond the tropical island filled with catchable monsters to explore, the patch will also include the ability to remap controls, the ability to join an in-game club, and increase the level cap from 48 to 58.

The star of the update is the island itself as Kisiwa features plenty of Temtem creatures to capture, additional traversal options, and unique items to use. The storyline has players defending the island from an evil organization called Belsoto led by General X. The update is so notable that Temtem’s price will increase after the patch is released to $37.50 instead of $35.

While the studio originally meant to release a major update earlier this year, it later decided to merge it with the Kisiwa update. As such, it now boasts several social additions as players will be able to create clubs that allow 50 members to join. Each club has its own banner that will show on player’s profiles, and players will have to pay a fee using in-game currency to join them. Currently, clubs serve merely as a social hub as Crema is still working on implementing wars between competing clans.

Other social features include a reworked chatting interface that features several different tabs for filtering messages. There are also chat bubbles that show what nearby users are saying, although they can also be turned off if you don’t want a distraction. Tamers can also privately message one another and block and report users. Finally, it will include several new emotes to give players the ability to play rock-paper-scissors, meditate, and cheer on others.

Temtem is available now on PC and is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in the future.

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