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Biggest payout ever: Fall for $23 million bitcoin scam

Biggest payout ever: Fall for $23 million bitcoin scam

whale alert, the system specialized in monitoring ‘block chains‘ (the technology that supports the value and security of cryptocurrencies) issued a notice last Saturday announcing the scam against a bitcoin holder.

The Whale Alert system itself highlighted in its statement: “This scam received the largest single payment ever made to a fraudster”.

The fraud received the status of “confirmed scam”, where the affected party made five payments for a total of 26.4 bitcoins, equivalent to 1 million 140 thousand 567 dollars (23 million pesos).

According to the information, the affected person allocated that money after he was deceived with the promise that your profits would increase and would receive returns by the organizers of this cryptocurrency scheme.

The scammers posed as Michael Saylor, CEO of microstrategy, a company that develops analytical software. It is the largest corporate holder of bitcoins.

“The fraudsters pose as a famous person or a reliable company to gain the trust of the victim, and are mainly active on YouTube, Telegram and Twitter,” states the Whale Alert warning.

The businessman Michael Saylor himself responded on Twitter about the alert that they just published regarding the scam, where he states that “last week 489 scams of this type were released on YouTube. We report them every 15 minutes and they’re removed within hours, but the scammers just drop new ones.”

The MicroStrategy company is the largest bitcoin investor in companies that are disclosed to the public, since it has 121 thousand 044 bitcoins, equivalent to 5 thousand 150 million dollars.