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BiGS Gaming - School gives a look behind the scenes

BiGS Gaming – School gives a look behind the scenes

The newly designed Caritas 2020/21 training center for social and health professions in Gaming is now in its second school year and will see the first graduates this year from the School of Social Care Professions (SOB, four semesters). In 2023 there will be the first graduation ceremony at the three-year technical school for social professions (FSB) and in the spring of 2025 the first Matura at the Higher School of Social Care and Nursing (HLSP). This weekend, parents and interested parties can take a look behind the scenes of the school for the first time.

“So far, our first two years have been shaped by the pandemic,” says director Barbara Heigl. “There was an open house in the fall, but only for a very limited number of people. Many parents of children who are already in their second year of school with us have never really gotten to see the inside of the school. That’s why we decided to do it to organize these two BiGS Backstage days. In addition, we still have places available in all three types of schools for next fall. So if anyone is interested, do not hesitate to contact us. We offer a wide vocational training offer with a 100 percent employment guarantee in all nursing, social or childcare facilities”, reveals Barbara Heigl and once again beats the advertising drum.

Today, Saturday, April 2, you can take a tour of the school until 5:00 p.m., discover the diversity of the training courses and exchange ideas with students and teachers. There is also an Easter craft corner for children and culinary delights in the BiGS cafe.