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Billions of dollars spent on the App Store in 2021: the staggering numbers of in-app purchases

Sensor Tower and Finbold Reveal 2021 App Store Spending Growth Figures – Users Have Earned Billions of Dollars in In-App Purchases.


According to Finbold, the website dedicated to the financial world, in the first 6 months of 2021 total spending by users on mobile applications was highest in past two years: a growth of 24.8% for a total of almost $ 65 billion.

The notable increase over the 52 billion in expenses carried out in 2020 was probably also determined by consumer behavior influenced by the effects of the pandemic COVID-19But the growth trend of in-app purchases appears to continue despite the easing of restrictions.

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App Store and Sensor Tower data reveals App Store and Google Play Store earnings

Spese Apple Google Play

Most of these mind boggling figures, well $ 41.5 billion – was spent onApp store Apple, which recorded an increase of 22.05% on an annual basis, while the product of Google Play Store have reached “only” $ 23.4 billion, about 1.8 times cheaper than the App Store.

The Play Store, however, outperforms the competitor in growth rates performance: the 30% more than in the same period of 2020. Second Sensor tower me Finbold, this data is due to the fact that the operating system Android it is most used in countries that are still affected by restrictions and quarantines.

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The sector games ranks first for the largest expense with your $ 10.32 billion. Between the apps, they share the podium Tik Tok with $ 920 million spent, followed by Youtube ($ 564.7 million) e Tinder ($ 520.3 million). The only streaming platform in the top 10 is Disney +.