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Black + Decker Steam Mop 38% off

Black + Decker Steam Mop 38% off

Relying on the natural power of steam allows you to have a healthier, bacteria-free environment. Thanks to the offers of Black Friday you can buy the lavapavimenti steam mop Black + Decker with one 38% discount.

Steam mop It heats up in a few seconds thanks to the boiler that generates dry steam, delicate on the surfaces, but at the same time effective against any dirt stain, all we have to do is select the extra steam function. From furniture to floors, we will have an effective result and a clean house in no time.

Thanks to technology Automatic selection you can choose and dispense the correct amount of steam suitable for each surface, just select it with a simple click and you are ready to clean in depth.

The steam cleaner with steam mop allows you to remove the steam generator with a simple gesture, becoming versatile and ready to be used not only on floors but also in all corners of the house.

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To reduce the use of detergents and chemicals, the cleaning system SteaMitt, is a glove that generates steam to sanitize naturally with total safety without detergents. Thanks to its ergonomic design and with a simple water tap, it is possible to clean windows and shelves, but also children’s games, taps, heaters and chairs.


lavapavimenti Black + Decker comes with a wide range of accessories for 13 functions in 1 With an autonomy of 20 minutes, ideal for quickly cleaning the entire house.