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Black Ops Cold War multiplayer video leaks quickly •

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer video leaks quickly •

The official multiplayer release of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War is scheduled for September 9th next week, but a leak from Twitch Streamer seems to be in early preview. Well, at least until Activision removes footage from the internet.

Although not of high quality, the video shows a Miami-themed map and a 6v6 match. The player must protect the VIP until it is extracted. Modern warzone Cold War multiplayer doesn’t seem to have tactical sprints or doors, so it doesn’t break into the room and rock the building like Modern Warfare does. A health bar will appear above the enemy’s head and you can expect the score streak to return.

This game seems to have a longer kill time (TTK) than Modern Warfare, but that could be the result of watching the majority of the match in Spectator mode.

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This video may have been missed in a preview session for content creators before multiplayer was released on September 9. You have to wait for the full details, but for now we officially know it Black Ops Cold War shares progress with Warzone, And the two are fairly complexly linked.