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Blade & Soul Revolution - Blade & Soul: Revolution launches March 4 in the West

Blade & Soul Revolution – Blade & Soul: Revolution launches March 4 in the West

Following its release in South Korea and Southeast Asia, Blade & Soul Revolution will release its western version on March 4 on iOS and Android platforms.

We noticed, after a launch in South Korea in late 2018, then in Southeast Asia the following year, Revolution of the sword and the soul it is now expected in a western version, with subtitles translated in particular into French.

As a press release, the study Netmarble today specifies the release date of this western version of the martial arts mobile MMO, scheduled for March 4 at theApp store Y Android.
For the record, Blade & Soul Revolution is inspired by the first Blade and soul (released on PC in 2012), but transposed to mobile platforms and with an adapted interface. Therefore, in the mobile game we find the universe fantasy Eastern version of the original version, its narrative and its main game mechanics, as well as the first five playable classes of the martial arts MMO (the Blade Master, the Destroyer, the Kung Fu Master, the Force Master and the Summoner, to the wait for others to roll out regularly after launch (Asian version already has two more).

As usual, pre-registered players will be able to enjoy some bonuses, including 1000 Black Crystals and a premium pet (a Lumi for Android users and a Sparkie for iPhone users).

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