Blade & Soul Vs Black Desert Online – Your Choice?

Do you like Kung Fu and martial arts? Do you like anime? Action battles and spanking are your things? With lightly clad ladies you have no problems? Then Blade & Soul from NCSoft is exactly the game for you! In the game, you will find colorful Asia fantasy world where your heroes are powerful martial artists. The heroes can glide through the air in the best Kung-Fu style and with their numerous skills they can cut out scathing combos.

Blade & Soul for Kung Fu lovers

Blade & Soul is popular in Korea and it is constantly evolving. As a result, players in the West often get fresh content. The open world environment is one of the key elements that is keeping the game alive throughout the world. All the players in the game play in a real-time scenario where they have to face different challenges and quests. For the Kung Fu fans out there, each player has to apply different combos for the attack and defence in order to survive.

Blade & Soul
Credits: Gamespot

The developers of the game are in constant motion of providing highly customizable setup for the community. A player can customize its character’s facial style, hair style, and much more. In fact, the color schemes from different combos will also be customizable in the future.

Black Desert Online joining the action

Black Desert Online already impresses the users with a detailed character editor at the beginning of the game. With it, you build your dream character – within the class specifications. It even contains variant characters such as Daenerys from Game of Thrones, Jesus or even Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Black Desert Online
Credits: Gamespot

Black Desert Online is a sandbox online role-playing game in which your hero can do what it wants. In the past year, Black Desert Online achieved a lot of milestones. At E3 2018, Microsoft released the title exclusively for Microsoft’s Xbox One. Moreover, the developers of the game released Striker as well as The Dark Knight class in the European and North American region last year.

Keeping in mind the content and the gameplay of both the games, what’s your pick for the year 2018? Let us know in the comments below.