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Blizzard finishes developing StarCraft 2 and focuses on balance and "what's next"

Blizzard finishes developing StarCraft 2 and focuses on balance and “what’s next”

Blizzard Entertainment, Starcraft 2, SF real-time strategy game first released in 2010 StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty..The· Starcraft The team will instead focus on “season rolls and the necessary balance adjustments,” said Rob Bridenbecker, executive producer and vice president of Blizzard, and “what’s next” in the StarCraft franchise.

“We will continue to support Starcraft II Like the previous years of games Hina War, Mainly focused on what our core and competitive community cares most about. ” Bridenbecker states in a post on the Blizzard website.. “This means that we have no plans to create additional purchase content such as Commanders or Warchests, but we will continue to make season rolls and necessary balance adjustments.”

Blizzard has created war chests, unlockable content packs with cosmetic rewards, and playable commanders. Starcraft 2Cooperative mode in recent years. The latest war chest of the game, part 6, Released in June..

“We know that some players are looking forward to moving away,” said Bridenbecker. “But this change allows us to think about the following, not just: Starcraft II, But for the entire StarCraft universe. “

Final extension of Starcraft 2, Void heritage, Released in November 2015. Blizzard is not currently in the process of announcing StarCraft projects.The developer’s current lineup includes: Overwatch 2, Diablo 4, Diablo: immortal,and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands..

Starcraft 2Former producer Chris Sigati and designer Dustin Brader Recently joined the new company of former Blizzard CEO Mike Mohheim, Dream Haven.