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Bloober Team has been working for a year on another horror game with a "known editor" - News

Bloober Team has been working for a year on another horror game with a “known editor” – News

This is called teasing successful for Bloober Team, which recently launched The medium on Xbox Series and PC, breaking with its tradition of first-person horror psychological games (Layers of fear, Observer, witch). In fact, according to Piotr Babieno, The medium it was just the beginning of a shift that promises to be even sharper for a studio now aiming to produce games with a much more developed sense of action.

Compared to previous studio productions, The medium It already features some new mechanics, like the ability to deploy a shield or wave of energy to clear a path, but nothing particularly elaborate. So the studio’s next goal is to tell stories with more action and much more elaborate gameplay mechanics, the stated goal being to target a wider audience. If psychological horror remains in the DNA of the study, Piotr Babieno adds that “our future projects will not necessarily be horror games“and that the study aims to develop”Graphics-quality AA games and AAA-worthy animations, but of course a little smaller“, he explains.

Meanwhile, the reveal of the day is that Bloober Team has been working for over a year on another horror game and this with a very famous game publisher. “I can’t tell you who. I can’t tell you what project this is, but I’m pretty sure people will get really excited when they find out what we’re working on.“says Piotr Babieno, who testifies in passing his satisfaction at having collaborated with Microsoft to present witch Y The medium on the Xbox Game Pass subscription. A good way, he says, to quickly unveil a new license to an ever-growing audience (18 million subscribers now) and gain visibility for the future.

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