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BON PLAN: ANNO 1404 History Edition offered on PC

BON PLAN: ANNO 1404 History Edition offered on PC

Ubisoft is currently celebrating its 35th anniversary and it is generous. After giving away € 1,000 every day for a month, it continues to offer free PC games. We have already been covered with the trilogy. Assassin’s Creed Chronicles then Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, give way to a management game.

You read it in the title YEAR 1404 it is currently free for PC. The original title dates from 2009, but it is about l ‘Story editing, modernized for modern machines and including additional content, as the editor reminds us:

Rediscover ANNO 1404 and its extension, Venice, enhanced and optimized for modern operating systems.

The Venice expansion for ANNO 1404 adds cooperative and competitive multiplayer, spies, and town halls, as well as new ships, missions, and items.

Your cities are more beautiful than ever, with resolutions up to 4K.

Improved multiplayer functions.

Enjoy all these updates while continuing your current game with full save compatibility.

Discover new display modes like borderless window mode and multi-display support.

This edition also offers additional content, including a soundtrack and wallpaper, as well as a company logo for ANNO 1800.

This is something to keep the fans city ​​builder, You can find ANNO 1404 History Edition for free at the store ofUbisoft, until December 14. Otherwise, the most recent YEAR 1800 I sat down € 21.99 in Gamesplanet.

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