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從任天堂開發室誕生,嶄新的程式設計遊戲軟體 《附帶導航!一做就上手 第一次的遊戲

Born from Nintendo’s development room, the new programming game software “With navigation! Play the first game as soon as you do it│Internet│Japan│Taiwan│Hong Kong│Global│Company│Video│TVBS News Network

“With navigation! Get started with the first game schedule as soon as you do” Released June 11, 2021 (Friday)
Nintendo (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. publishes new information about games. Through the experience of game production, you can master programming thinking while playing, the game software Nintendo Switch “With navigation! The first game programming for the first time will be released globally on June 11, 2021 (Friday), and the Chinese version will be released the same day.
For the presentation of this product, go to the following link to watch the video.

As long as you simply connect each character, no matter who it is, you can begin the experience of making a game.
“With navigation! Get started with the first programming of the game as soon as you do it. Simply connect the” little nodes “of the incredible creatures that live on Nintendo Switch, and you can experience the programming of the game while enjoying the fun of playing. a puzzle learning game software.

For example, by connecting some of the small nodes “joystick small node” and “people small node”, you can use the “joystick” of Nintendo Switch to operate the “people” in the game to perform various actions. In this way, you can learn the basics of “entry (what to do) and exit (what happens)” game production through character operation and intuition, and you can learn while enjoying the game.

3 simple and easy to understand functions. Through the experience of making games, master the thinking of programming.
As long as you connect the small nodes according to the navigation, you can create a variety of games through the “Classroom with Navigation”. After class, challenge the puzzles in the “quiz” to complete the game in production and check if you understand the content of the class. When talking to the small nodes, you can open the “small nodes guide” at any time to confirm the principles of the game played in the classroom and the purpose of the small nodes on the stage.

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Share your own original game with the world.
Once you are familiar with creating games, you can create freely in the “Free Design Program”. The games made are not only for playing alone, but also for sharing via the Internet and local communications. In addition to those who are interested in producing games, children who need to learn “programming”, or those who have never been in contact with programming until now, can also experience the fun of making games and the satisfaction of completing. game production.
※ To communicate over the Internet, you must join Nintendo Switch Online (paid). (The start date for the Taiwan region will be determined.)

For the latest information on this game software, keep an eye out for future releases on the official Nintendo website.

“With navigation! Get started with the first game schedule as soon as you do”
On sale June 11, 2021
Boxed version
The game supports Chinese

About Nintendo
Nintendo was founded in 1889 and is a Japanese video game manufacturer.

It owns many well-known games such as SUPER MARIO, DONKEY KONG, THE LEGEND OF ZELDA, and has sold more than 790 million consoles and 5 billion software suites worldwide.