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Brandon Davidson scores own goal in consecutive games

Brandon Davidson scores own goal in consecutive games

From 2017 to 2018, the islanders exchanged for Brandon Davidson by the deadline. Do you remember when he scored an own goal in a back-to-back game?

Sometimes, in the lost season, you just have to find humor in certain things.that is islanders 2017-2018 with Brandon Davidson.For some reason, Garth Snow broke up Davidson’s third round pick February 2018.

He played only 15 games for the Islanders and was -8 in those games with only one goal. Objectively, it wasn’t a wise move from Garth Snow, but anthropomorphized in March of the season.

Brandon Davidson scored an own goal in a row. First came to Florida:

Isles was already dragging 2-0 and Evgeny Daddnov was trying to throw one over the ice for a pass. Instead, it gets out of Davidson’s skates and goes just behind the net. Talk about bad luck.

It’s unlucky in itself, but it will happen again the next night!

If you don’t laugh, you will cry. Bobby Ryan fired a harmless shot at Yaroslav Harak in perfect position, and Brandon Davidson decided to stick it and diverted it in the past Yaros.

Haraku was frustrated and threw the puck off the net, which was of course furious. All he had to do was drip the puck towards Harak and he padded it to cover it.

Well, I think that’s what happens when you allow the most goals in the league (293 to be exact). Dougwait wasn’t very defensive and the boy changed it next season. Unfortunately for Davidson, he was the product of bad defensive structures, bad luck, and bad decisions.

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At least 2018 is the season for Matthew Balzal Calder. Other than that, it wasn’t very clean.

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