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Brawl News! Super Hero Update?


Welcome to brawl news where we talk about all of the news happening in a brawl stars. Now this includes everything that we know is coming the next update as well as a little bit of speculation regarding when the next update might be.


For starters, Brawl Stars is being released in China this week and this is a big deal for a few reasons and it does actually impact you. This is a big deal because until recently China has banned the release of new mobile games for the past couple of years and it’s obviously an incredibly huge market, so it’s good for brawl stars and it impacts you because in celebration of the launch Supercell is going to be gifting everybody a red dragon Jessie skin for free. Which is obviously really awesome. Red dragon Jessie does not have any special projectiles or anything like that but it does look really sweet and the only way you’re gonna be able to get it is to claim it during her release. I’m fairly certain that this means that she will be a one-time skin like Star Shelly and Rico’s ricochet skin.

Got early access to red dragon jessie : Brawlstars

Honestly, I think she looks really awesome. One thing to note that is important about this is that brawl stars is going to have a different build for China than everywhere else. They will be on their own exclusive Chinese servers and they’ll actually have a different build than the regular brawl stars. Well, this means that Chinese players will not be able to play with people outside of China and vice versa. Now additionally Supercell is likely going to be releasing content slightly different for China versus the regular build, meaning that there is a chance that China will get certain skins that the rest of the world will not but also at the same time the rest of the world will also get content that the Chinese players won’t get. SuperCell is going to do their absolute best to try and keep things the same as much they possibly can, but Supercell obviously has to uphold certain requirements in order for them to release the game in China.

So there’s not really much that can be done around it now as far as how that’s going to impact the competitive scene. I’m not sure if they’re gonna be competing like the global finals or anything like that. That’s another thing that’s a little bit more complicated. Now red dragon Jessie is not the only skin being released into the game.


The villain and hero campaign for Supercell make was completed and Supercell selected two skins to be put into the game in a future update. Surprise, both of the skins were in the top for the once selected as most likely to be put to the game. First up is zombie Bibi, which absolutely fits the haunted theme with brawl stars with you know, Frank, Mortis, and Emz. This is such an awesome skin but I do actually wonder if Supercell still is gonna change the skin color to match like the current undead brawlers a little bit better or if they’re gonna leave it kind of greenish.

Damien (@yindie) | Twitter

Either way, I’m excited to see this one in the game. Now additionally arch-villain Bea, which I am really stoked to have in the game. I love that it’s black and white and it makes it incredibly unique I know you guys are gonna say something about the white crow.

Bea Archvillain - YouTube

Let me just tell you guys why the crow is wearing a red jacket right. It’s not black and white. The style is super cool and although it doesn’t really fit any of the Brawl Stars themes right now. I think that Supercell is going to add a new environment into the game in the next update that will be a perfect fit for both of these skins. I think we are going to have a hero and villain themed update this July. Guys in the game right now we do not have a place for Max to call home right. Supercell make held a campaign specifically for heroes and villains adds to the likelihood that something like this is going to happen.


Zombie Bibi would technically also go with like the Mortis team but arch-villain Bea would definitely be included with this. And I think that Demonic Bo could also be included since he was already announced as a winner from Bo’s campaign from Supercell makes already, don’t forget about him! I know we haven’t really seen him in a while but he will be added into the game. I also would not be surprised to see some more hero skins maybe even like super Primo skin. I would not be surprised if Supercell added another superhero brawler to start through the completion of the Max trio. Right now it’s just Max, she’s kind of running things solo but eventually, we’re gonna have a couple of other super heroes and I really think it’s just a matter of time before that happens but now would actually be a really good time for them to do that and of course, the Supercell really wants go crazy, they might even add a super villain brawler as well which would be quite a cool.

Now, this is all speculation on my part but it certainly does make a lot of sense if you ask me. Now as for when the next update is going to happen, we don’t know the exact date but we do know that’s going to be happening in July in the last brawl talk. Ryan said that he was gonna see us in July right we also know that the current brawl pass season is ending on July 6th, we also know that Brawl Stars needs to have another update in order for them to in a second roll past season into the game. And I think we can count on them planning on doing that before the first season is over. So I think there’s a really good chance that we will have some type of an update before July 6th. That does not mean that brawl stars is going to have a big update before July 6th, they could technically just do an update to add season 2 into the game and then wait before they add things like new brawler’s and stuff in the update after that.

Brawl Stars on Twitter: "Let's share some Brawl Knowledge ...


Obviously, we’re just going to wait and see what they do but there is a chance that we’ll get an update even before that not a huge one but we will likely get well possibly get an update. We were promised in the last update that pins would eventually be added into actual matches so that we could use them as emotes in battle. Recently Frank let us know that mid-match pins will either come with an optional update after the Chinese launch or with the next major update. As a quick side note, we also don’t know when we’ll be getting balanced changes either. Now, this is going to depend on how busy the China launch is going to keep the developer team which is very understandable. Because China is such a big deal it is literally the largest market in the world but we do also have some more news regarding pins. First of all the pins will be used mid-match exactly as you see them now without any types of light animations or anything like that but there is a good chance that we’ll be seeing rarer animated pins that will be added into the game in a later date.

Now additionally everyone on both teams is going to be able to see the pins and not just your team so if you use it everybody seeing it. I’m not sure what’s gonna happen if you’re like hiding in a bush and you use it like maybe it’s gonna reveal your location. Only time is gonna tell that.


Code: AshBS on Twitter: "YES please!!! My 222K Star Points are ...

Now the pin packs are currently the only way for us to unlock pins but Frank did mention that they are considering adding a way for us to be able to buy them individually in the future so that’d be kind of cool. Now once this important to know is that we do not know if there’s going to be a way for us to mute pins permanently or even just in the middle of the match. My hope is that they will be able to do that and that they’ve learned from you know the mistakes that happen with Clash Royale and everybody just wanting that feature so badly. We’ll find out soon.


In other news hot zone has been removed from the game and there is a good chance that it will not be coming back. Now we knew from the start that hot zone was only a temporary game-mode and that we would only have it for three weeks but the hope was that people would play a lot which would signal to Supercell that they should keep it in the game and make it a permanent. It looks like death keeps on trying to tell hot zone that it just was not a good game mode. Now, this does not spell certain doom for the mode but I am worried that Supercell will not be bringing it back.

NEW HOT ZONE mode in BRAWL STARS! (new update) - YouTube

Ryan did say that the team is taking quests into consideration because a lot of people didn’t have enough time to play hot zone because they were focusing on the quests and they didn’t have time to finish all the quests. I know a lot of you guys probably you’re just hoping to wish you had more quests but still a lot of people aren’t even playing all of their quests all the way through yet. Supercell is figuring things out whether or not it’s actually worth it to make it a permanent mode or bring it back as it was. I want to know in the comment section below if you guys liked hot zone enough that you would want it to like come in rotation as frequently as bounty or as frequently as heist or whatever.


This next piece of news is really exciting. Self-scoring in brawl ball will result in players getting a warning and then possibly also getting banned from the game. I really loved they said that the reason for this is the Supercell does not tolerate unsportsmanlike conduct and I think that that is a really good policy. Now for clarification, this is going to be an automatic thing it will happen to anybody. Nobody’s gonna be like watching games and deciding if somebody self scores and you know there’s no report feature anything like that the game will keep track of people who score on themselves and people with an abnormal amount of self-scored goals will be flagged. Obviously it’s not abnormal to self-score every now and then you know because sometimes the enemy team passes you the ball and you just have to be right in there and so it like scores on your own team and also sometimes you just like accidentally score on yourself and then there are those idiots that try and do trick shots and freak your team at the last second and shoot towards their own goal that that should not be allowed right.

Self scoring in Brawl ball, ban this guy : Brawlstars

That’s unsportsmanlike conduct if you ask me either way though if you happen to self-score on accident you don’t need to worry about being banned or anything like that unless obviously you make it habit out of it. Now if only Supercell would do something about teaming. Actually now if only they wanted to do something about teaming which is a side note I actually think that teaming is a much better than it used to be so you don’t see it nearly as much you used to in solo showdown. Now I wanted to do a little bit of speculation regarding the next update and after that, I’m gonna show some sneak peeks of some of the skins that have not been released into the game yet. I have been thinking a lot about what brawl stars might do for the next update at the start of 2020.


I said the brawl starts was going to struggle if they didn’t try to address three major concerns for their game. I’ve talked about this a lot but just for you guys that maybe have not heard of that.

First is a major lack of skill cap in the game leading to long time players. Supercell has responded to this by adding gadgets into the game which made it the game more complex and more exciting.

Right now the second issue was monetization and they’re not being enough ways for brawl stars to compete with Supercell’s other large titles. Supercell responded to this by adding the brawl pass and pins into the game which increased the number of light and medium spenders as well as the maximum spending cap for those. Heavy spenders specifically referring to pins.

Club Wars UI : Brawlstars

Right now the third issue was a lack of social features to help people build relationships within the game and also keep them coming back to the game force. These social reasons right, I’m talking about like Club Wars or you know Clash of clans clan wars. You guys get the idea right. Supercell has not responded to this issue yet but we do know that it is on their radar. When asked about clubs, Frank responded by saying we’d like to take a closer look at clubs in the second half of this year.

Now technically we’re in the second half of the year and technically, he did post it three days before the second half of the year. But I think it’s pretty clear that we’re not gonna get any improvements to social features in-game until after summer and probably even later on the year. So what’s coming in this next update? If you ask me it has been a bit too long since we have had a new game-mode introduced into the game yes we did just get a taste of the revamped version of the hot zone.


But I’m talking about something totally different right when was the last time we got a new game mode in the game it’s been a very long time like many months! I’ve already speculated on how fun it would be to have a 5v5 game mode in the game. I’m really hoping that that happens sometimes. I’m not gonna go into details but I do think that would be a lot of fun what I think is most likely going to happen would be the addition of a fourth special event that would take place on the weekends. Much less pressure on Supercell for creating something that’s like equally fair because it’s not for actual trophies it’s just for you know completing the quest and getting some rewards and things like that with the rework of Robo Rumble.

New Brawlers, Club Wars & More! | UPDATE WISHLIST For Brawl Stars ...

I think it’s about time the Supercell introduces another mode since the current ones are about as polished as they can be. There are some weird things that got to do with sprout to make it so that you can’t beat insane 16 as a sprout, but you get the idea. I’ve already speculated on a dungeon Brawler style that would take place in mortises mortuary. So I’m not gonna cover it here but I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like that happening in the next update.


Okay, guys now I wanted to do a sneak peek of the skins coming in the brawl stars. I’ve already shown you guys the Red dragon Jessie skin. She’s awesome and everybody should be getting her for free. Next is constructer Jackie, who’s going to cost thirty gems. Now, this skin does not come with any animation changes or anything like that and has very minimal changes other than the recolor to white and green. Now with that said though I actually really do like this skin as a recolor for only costing thirty gems right. If it cost more than that I wouldn’t like it but for thirty gems this is really awesome when you’re playing Jackie, most of the time you just only see her hat and it’s going to be very different because you’re going from that yellowish-orange is kind of color to a straight-up white. And it looks very clean in-game.

Brawl Stars Skins List (May & June) - All Brawler Cosmetics - Pro ...

Now next we have evil Gene who’s going to cost a hundred fifty gems. This is such a cool skin, I love the animation where his hat floats above him and his Louisiana mission is so awesome. I just love how it like shows how angry he is, which is kind of funny because he’s like the opposite of regular gene who’s just kind of like normal. But he looks really awesome in-game where his hands are constantly glowing with a blue flame and they also trail of a blue flame behind him when he’s walking. Looks super cool and his attacks also look really cool and he also trails from the sand behind them to fit Tara’s bazaars theme.

My render Evil Gene : Brawlstars

Now for a super, he shoots out a sand hand which just looks awesome and I know that his skin is expensive but I definitely think it’s worth the cost. I think that this skin is probably worth around like 250 gems. I know we don’t get 250 gem skins but you guys get the idea. This is a valued skin and I really like it. I would love to see some pins made for this skin because it has so much personality.

That’s it, for  now, guys, I ‘ll cover more content in the next article, until then PEACE! Subscribe to get notifications!

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