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Brawl Star: How to play a Brawl Star? A quick guide for beginners.


How to play a melee star? Here’s a list of the most important and basic tips you need to play the game the right way.

Now, no matter what game you play for the first time, things can be quite confusing. So this isn’t just for you! But don’t worry. In most cases, a simple guide will make everything easy to understand. Well, at least unless you’re playing an old Minesweeper game on Windows.

How to play a melee star? Interface tips.

Before we get into the actual gameplay, we’ll give you a guide to the various elements of the game. Also, if you’ve played Clash of Clans or Clash Royale before, you should already have a fair idea of ​​these.

There are 3 types of items in the game- Jewels, star points, coins, Descending order of rarity. The gems are green, starpoints, pink and coins, and dark yellow. They are in the upper right row of the home screen. Of these, free jewelry is extremely rare and is used to gain additional benefits such as more gold and items from stores. Starpoints are also used in the store. However, they are mainly used to buy new skins for browlers. Coins are the most common item of all. Use them to upgrade your brawlers. This is a very important task that we will discuss in detail later.

Apart from this, there are trophies that can be earned by winning a match. These are displayed in the upper left corner of the home screen. The rest will be visible when playing together.

What is a brawler? How do you handle them?

Simply put Browler Your hero in the game. Each of them has Unique ability And Special ability.. The first thing you need to do is understand what your brawler does and how he / she does it. You will want to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your brawler as soon as possible. Some brawlers are heavy hitters with bull-like strength. They hurry from the front. El Primo, Bull and Frank are three examples. Others are nimble but sharp. It’s weak up close, but works very well from a distance. Colt, barley and block are three people in this group. Similarly, there are many other types of brawlers, each of which is unique and fun in its own way. The more knowledge you have about Brawlers, the better you will understand the enemy Brawlers. So more fighting experiences lead to better players!

This time, unlock a new brawler as a reward for the game. You can also purchase from the shop using the above gems. The levels of these brawlers are different. The more you use them, the more powerful they become. Also, the more trophies you get, the more brawlers you get! This is how the game progresses. So choose the brawler you use wisely!

How to play a melee star? Gameplay guide.

Brawl Stars gameplay can be divided into three parts – Movement, positioning, decision making..

Good, sharp Move The key to success in the game. From the beginning, you need to practice moving in a zigzag pattern. Beginners often have a habit of running straight. This makes prediction and targeting easier. Instead, the more you change direction, the more confusing it is for your enemies. So get in the habit of always moving around to shoot. Don’t be a sitting duck!

Next comes positioning.. You’ve already noticed that every map in the game has walls and bushes. You can hide behind the wall and hide in the bushes. Make the most of these. When shooting an enemy, you hit a bush, change direction, and exit in the opposite direction. Your enemies will not be able to track you and will be confused. Use the wall to block the trajectory of the enemy. For example, a weak unit like barley hides behind it and drops an acid bottle. But be careful, your enemies may be thinking along the same line.

Finally, Decision making.. Decision-making is knowing when to attack and when to withdraw. For this reason, you will want to track your health and attack bar. Remember to attack only if you have the right amount of health and ammo left. If both the wall and cover are low, hide behind the wall and cover. The secret to success is waiting for your opportunity. Be patient. Catch the enemy with the weakest!

That’s enough.

If you’re looking for great Brawl Stars gameplay content, Check out this link..

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