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Brawl Stars released in China on June 9th

Brawl Stars released in China on June 9th

Screen Grab by Supercell

Brawl star I’m finally in China. The game will be released in the country on June 9th Frank “FS7N” Kiemburg, the lead of the game Brawl star It was announced before today at Supercell.

To welcome Chinese players, Supercell offers them a “Star Sherry” skin for free. Players can request skins during the launch.

Supercell will also launch dedicated servers throughout China. The company has integrated platforms such as WeChat and QQ into the Chinese version of the game as a login option.

Since its launch, many players around the world have been wondering if they can get a Star Shelly skin for free using a VPN to China. Kayenberg later on, this is the Chinese version Brawl star It is an independent application that runs on a dedicated Chinese server.

He also added Offering skins to Chinese players for free is “100% fair” because Supercell distributed skins for free during releases in every region.