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Brasile, Romario scarica Tite: "Il suo calcio è pessimo. Portaluppi dovrebbe essere CT"

Brazil, Romario unloads Tite: “His football is lousy. Portaluppi really should be CT”

The position of Tite in the bench of Brazil does not feel to be organization. The Seleçao mentor pays for the final unsatisfactory results and primarily the defeat in the final of the Copa América. Romario, former striker and Planet Winner with Verdeoro in United states of america ’94, goes more: “You constantly have to have hope, and I will normally have it. We hope that Brazil will be Globe Champion, but it will be tricky with this staff. With this One particular. The way Brazil performs is going to be overpowering. I hope I am erroneous. We are close to another Earth Cup, I you should not know if there is time to improve the mentor but for me Tite should not be anymore. Generally for the destructive success he received when he performed from sturdy teams . He performed lousy soccer, horrible on a technological amount and tactically worse. “

Vote Portaluppi: “In my feeling, a improve of technician now would cut down the destruction a minor. There is no use attempting to clear up the problems in a 12 months, mainly because it would be a past minute modify. Renato is the Brazilian technician who has acquired the most beneficial outcomes and I assume the most qualified. I experienced the possibility to get the job done with him at the starting of his profession, he was diverse from what he is these days. Today he is a lot extra daring, undoubtedly he has comprehended this modern day football. Renato, in my viewpoint, has the assurance of the team who trains ”.

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