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Breaking the news suggests that Pokémon Legend: Arceus will be the hardest job in the #nintendo switch series (165031) -Cool3c


According to the latest public news, the upcoming “Pokémon Legend: Arceus” will turn out to be the hardest job in the entire “Pokémon” series yet. Unlike the previous style of the series, this latest extension will bring a complete open world design and a new combat system to fans of the series, presenting an extremely immersive “Pokémon” experience.

A huge open world that focuses on exploration, and the backpack’s ability puts the player’s management skills to the test.

Although players will have to wait until January 2022 to see “Pokémon Legend: Arceus” on the Nintendo Switch platform, the development team has revealed a lot of information related to this latest masterpiece. As the first pure open-world game in the series, “The Legend of Pokémon: Arceus” takes place in the “Xicui Area”, which is the old version of the “Shen’ao Area” on the setting of “Pokémon: Game of Diamond / Pearl. This huge ancient background scenario will be closely related to the gameplay of the game itself. Since the concept of “Pokémon Trainer” did not exist at the time, the player will act as an explorer who will be responsible for investigating the Events. Pokémon throughout the Xicui area. Like recent works in the series, players will see new versions of some classic Pokémon in the Xi Cui area, such as Katy Dog with a new look that is different from the past. , this new work also contains richer RPG elements, allowing players to be more immersed in the game’s settings.

According to a report on Dexerto’s website, a recently leaked news suggested that “The Legend of Pokémon: Arceus” will turn out to be the series’ most difficult work yet. The content noted that this game will not provide much space forcing players. He often abandons some accessories. This design alone is very different from previous works in the “Pokémon” series. After limiting the capacity of the accessory backpack, players need to plan more carefully before going out to explore, otherwise, they may find that they do not have accessories that can solve the problem in a critical situation.

CRAVNA is mentioned in the photo, including games, Pokémon Legends: Assius, Pokémon Diamonds and Pearls, Fortnite, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Manufacturing system brings richer strategic changes

This rumored item library system is likely also related to the new addition to the production system in “Pokémon Legend: Arceus.” In the open world structure of this job, players can find and use various resources to create more useful items. As for the iconic “Pokemon Ball” accessory throughout the “Pokémon” series, players must use the fruits of the tree and “Tumblestones” to do so in this new series that breaks tradition. In addition to the pushball, many important survival items must be obtained through the crafting system, rather than purchased or picked up directly from the store. Thus, this gives players more reason to fully explore every corner of the Xicui area.

Keeping the classic sign series, “Pokémon Legend: Arceus” will bring many new changes to the game’s content. The open world design can also give players a greater degree of freedom in gameplay options, and limiting backpack size can force players to carefully plan each choice rather than squeeze all received items into one. space. In an unlimited backpack.

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