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Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia Review – Missing The Enjoyment Of A Legend


Brigandine debuted around two a long time back on the initial PlayStation, and only now is it receiving a sequel. It might look like an unlikely candidate for revival, but Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia comes at a time when the strategy/RPG style is acquiring renewed notice – partially thanks to Fireplace Emblem’s good results. For people who want anything in that vein, this definitely scratches a equivalent itch. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia personalizes the method/RPG expertise by permitting you recruit and get to know your combatants in aspect stories. Seeing your group grow in power and invading new locations will make you experience potent, even if it lacks assortment and will get repetitive. 

The gameplay provides a whole lot of customization and freedom in how you establish an army for world conquest. You start out your journey by picking from a person of 6 nations, each individual with its personal leader, storyline, and strategic slant. I picked the Republic of Guimoule, the place my chief has been doing less than a magic formula identity as a ballerina, but have to move up into a leadership part after her nation is endangered. The activity positions you properly to feel and really feel for your nation, due to the fact each one has hopes and expectations driving on results, these as the Mana Saleesia Theocracy who is combating a holy war in an endeavor to convert absolutely everyone to their religion. As you pursue ability, you see it mirrored back in a gratifying way in the dimension of your army and occupied bases throughout a huge map. 

Your intention is to occupy opposing bases, recruit allies, get new weaponry, and practice your combatants – all in the name of full domination. The motion is split into organization and motion phases for every single transform. In the firm stage, you make a decision exactly where to transfer your army, who to send on quests for experience or goods, and how you want to control your troops, upgrading their classes and summoning monsters for support. These decisions are a balancing act, and I enjoyed deciding when to be intense or defensive prior to even stepping on the battlefield. Positioning is key, as you need to be adjacent to an space to invade it, but you also just can’t depart your bases undefended. If you send out troops off to do quests, they are unavailable to battle if the base results in being besieged. The challenge will come in needing to do all things, and the press-and-pull is dealt with perfectly you just can’t progress your electrical power devoid of seeking to aggressively acquire in excess of enemy forts, nor can you dismiss quests due to their wondrous benefits. 

When you access the assault period, you can invade rival nations’ bases, each and every with their individual electricity amount to take into consideration. You can nevertheless gain if you’re under-leveled, but you’re likely to eliminate monsters that you’d alternatively keep alive for long term encounters. Battles participate in out on hexagonal grids, where by you position your troops and pick their steps. You can pick up to three leaders for every single invasion, accompanied by a corresponding celebration of dragons, fairies, and ghouls with their very own exceptional abilities. To end your engagement, you can dole out ample hurt and power an enemy to retreat, wholly annihilate the leader and get any of their leftover monsters, or retreat oneself to help save facial area.


Watching your models mature and setting up get-togethers to in shape diverse strategic requirements is a pleasurable gameplay layer. From time to time I experienced my chief was a mage surrounded by tanky golems or dragons for defense. I assembled groups completely concentrated on therapeutic, relying on my two other factions to do the dirty get the job done. Your method to beat has a good deal of versatility, and when you start off leveling up your units, you actually see the fruits of your labor as their expertise expand in number and energy. Which is specifically accurate as you update their lessons, which usually department and have elemental variants. It is a ton to tinker with, but also the most pleasurable portion of the sport, considering that you have an expansive roster of unique courses and device varieties with distinct talents to go after. I had almost everything together with sea serpents, high centaurs, pegasi, and extra in my ranks.

Sadly, the battles themselves never play out in enjoyable methods. Each individual invasion feels equivalent, and the motion unfolds gradually, so battle feels lethargic as an alternative of energized. In reality, it typically can take a handful of turns prior to you even achieve the enemy to struggle. Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia features about the various terrain becoming a distinction-maker on the battlefield and shaking issues up, as specified lessons get bonuses or penalties dependent on their choice, but it didn’t do considerably for me. I factored it into my technique when I could, but battles don’t enjoy out that significantly, nor did it sense like this kind of a terrific software I could exploit to my edge.

Enemies are rarely pushovers, and finishing a struggle with your entire workforce intact is scarce. A ton of your achievement arrives down to positioning, regardless of whether which is trying to keep some models together or spaced aside – but which approach is appropriate often relies upon on pure luck. This is discouraging, and I cannot convey to you how many battles I started out above thanks to an unlucky transform fairly than any flaw in my system. The presence of permadeath can make this all the far more irritating. You can revive monsters with their degrees intact if you have a specific merchandise, but these are quite scarce. When you think about all the time it usually takes to grind and upgrade these models into some thing enjoyable, dropping them can feel downright punishing, and I wish these merchandise weren’t so tough to occur to by. 

Brigandine: The Legend of Runersia does anything really sufficiently, but there is also practically nothing all that extraordinary about the knowledge. I felt like I was heading by means of the motions devoid of anything at all significant to keep bringing me back for these laborous takeovers. The repetition just dulls the experience, and anything plays out predictably. The sport is respectable and useful, but it does not have any surprises, huge innovations, or memorable moments. 

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