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Brody van Wagenen, Omar Minaya, 5 Mets

Sandy Alderson, president of the new Mets team, announced on Friday that Brody van Wagenen, Adam Gatridge, Allard Baird, Jared Banner and Omar Minaya will all be leaving the Mets organization.

Brody issued this statement on Friday:

Alderson has issued a statement about the move. “Thanks to Brody, Allard, Adam and Jared for their contributions over the last two years. In particular, I would like to thank Omar for providing Mets with outstanding service in many important positions. “

The news came shortly after Mets was sold to billionaire Steve Cohen.

According to sources, A’s assistant GM Billy Owens and Rays’ GM Bobby Heck’s special assistant are two names to monitor the recruitment of the Mets front office. Former Mets minor league coordinator and bench coach Dick Scott was also able to return to the Mets organization with some ability.

My sources also show that Mets draft masters Tommy Tanus and Mark Tramta are expected to stay in the club.