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Bungy asks an expired “Destiny” player to “go home” after being split from Activision


The company seems to be particularly proud after restarting Destiny 2 as a free game and restarting its title three years ago with Beyond Light last month. Basically, it rebuilds as a sequel without creating and creating a game. Publish a new game. Bungie is now known as the creator of “Destiny”. This isn’t a small feat for the studio behind Microsoft and the Xbox franchise Halo on the game map. However, Parsons seems eager to talk about future projects, even if he hasn’t revealed the details yet.

“We were able to incorporate some of our greatest talents and begin to focus on new incubations,” Parsons said. “They are exciting not only in that they mean’hey, we’re working on a new game’, but also in that they have a methodology on how to build them. “

Parsons is also confident and pleased to talk about how bungee has changed employment practices since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, focusing on the acquisition of workers in remote areas around the world. ..

“I can’t wait to go back to the studio and see the beautiful faces of the people I miss,” Parsons said. “But it really rethinks how we prioritize physical space over working with great people, and then allows our system to stand up on that occasion. Caused. “

Much of this exciting energy seems to have come from Bungie’s separation from Activision Blizzard, which released the first two “Destiny” titles before Bungie disbanded and became independent in January 2019. Parsons said the company was “economically and creatively independent.” And it included how to handle its flagship product.

The series’ creative director, Luke Smith, said making a sequel to “Destiny” was “a lot of money” for Bungy. This willingness to regain the innovative and adventurous spirit of the original 2014 release drives the current march towards the future of the series.

“The intent behind the original [iteration of ‘Destiny 2’] It was about trying to attract a lot of new players that we could maintain and continue to support, “Smith said. “But in the end, it turns out that the” Destiny “players are mostly” Destiny “players. I was looking for new players, so I made something that wouldn’t appeal to them as well. And that was a source of great disappointment for us and for our players. I feel like I’m away from my favorite game. “

Earlier this month, Beyond Light not only introduced new powers and areas, but also reintroduced Cosmodrone, the first area of ​​the first game.It also brought a return cast of Stranger-like characters she hadn’t seen since the nasty cutscenes of her famous first game. I didn’t even have time to explain why she didn’t have time to explain.. This is also an unofficial reset, removing some of the old Destiny 2 locations and giving way to new ones.

“Beyond Light” can be described as a course fix, given how many nods to the first “Destiny”.The Washington Post has been called “Fate” since 2014 One of the most influential games of the 2010sLeading the era of large studios trying their hands on the “live service” model, with near-disastrous results like EA’s “Anthem” and Square Enix’s “Marvel’s Avengers” Is often.

Meanwhile, “Destiny” and Bungie are stable. Despite hitting many of the same early bumps found in games like “The Division” and “Avengers,” Bungie first navigated them and everyone else released a similar title. Before I started, I first self-corrected. But the series wants to bring back those who may have abandoned the ship during these tough times, or who weren’t happy with the rewards for the early charm of the story of the first game.

Beyond Light offers the same massive multiplayer online role-playing experience known in the series, but modifies rewards and metagames like a nearly new sequel. Most importantly, according to Smith, the story needed to reflect this re-commitment to why the studio was so excited about “fate” eight years ago. They have the feeling that they have lost their plot and are trying to correct the ship of the story, and “beyond the light” is the first big step towards that goal.

“Every” fate “property must have beautiful candles in the dark. The Traveler will be well again … What I think is an essential part of this candle is this beautiful kind of unknown icon, “says Smith. “This is a team working to get it where it’s needed. And when we enter this phase, the game now needs to contact the Destiny 1 player and say,” Go back. It’s time to come. ” Go home. “

However, the house needs to be refurbished and the decision to remove old places and quests remains difficult. Smith promises it’s not normal.

“Through play and our incredible fan base, we tried to discover rough diamonds from the possibilities of’Destiny’,” Smith said. “I don’t think we’re always scraping it. You can’t ruin a diamond. For us, this game has become a pretty powerful love labor.”

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